Coinbase is going to add Ethereum Classic!


Peter effin called it on this one! Glad I bought! This is bigger than Xvg’s Pornhub announcement imo lol


Guess they already had the backend systems in place to support this one. But be interested to know what the selection criteria was when considering which new coins to add


Apparently Chucky Lee said they always had it, but it wasn’t released to the public. It won’t require much on their part to release since they already had made provisions for it during the ETH/ETC fork. They also seem to list minable non-privacy coins…


I never see any demand for Classic am I missing something


I just hope some of the exchanges have strong hands too.


It is fork of Ethereum. I believe it was destined to happen just as Bitcoin Cash and soon we will see Bitcoin Gold (my speculation based on research) added to Coinbase/GDAX. And ETC does have potential to grow.


Peter called this all the way!!!

Even thought am still a newbie in this i feel lame for not paying more attention to Peter. Even after i watched his ETC review on the Crypto last month i still didn’t buy in. Think now its time to become a Patreon member.


Patreon is where it’s at. Lot’s of little birdies talk around those parts.


Eth is the fork for Vitalik to bail out dao hack I thought? Etc is the real decentralized Ethereum that disagreed and wanted to preserve the integrity of immutable transactions.


Ya, Peter is a happy mofo with happiest rage quit on live stream ever lol and must have a weird private joke thing for huge underwear cause people send him alot but I think the things he actually stands behind are due to a high level of research for sure:) I know nothing is a absolute but his research would have the highest probability, definitely more so than mine and many others cause I lack the tech knowledge and do not talk to actual devs and people like he does. Plus just so uplifting!


Glad they made the announcement. Now I’ve decided to accumulate a reasonable bag before it his CB. Probably should of stuck with this coin in the past. I hope this sideways movement continues for a long while.


Yes. You got that right.


Do we have an estimated timeframe for ETC to be listed by now ?


September 20characters


Loads of time to accumulate then


Thanks :+1:
Yes still bit of time to accumulate more.
I’m surprised it’s not performing even better already. Still holding well in this bear market.


I think its pretty cool to see how ETC doesn’t follow BTC completely like most other coins. It’s on a steady incline.


Binance coin is another one that does its own thing, good to see coins that aren’t just following bitcoin


Yeah collect many ETC as you can! Looks like digibyte is rising up the ladder too. The DGB community on twitter seems to be growing too.