Coinbase Extorting Information From Me


simplex charges 5% on top of network transaction fees, and you have to go threw all the bs of showing I.D. have a cell phone for verification, ect There is no advantage to that… why would you want to pay over 5% for a transaction… not me, I refuse to use coinbase as well… I am ready for the next wave of technology.


They are positioned well, at the moment, to persist in the market, regrettably, but if decentralized exchanges prove out to be as workable as they claim they will be (“the proof of the pudding is in the eating”), I would LOVE to see Coinbase’s lunch get eaten :fire::plate_with_cutlery::fire:. I mean to legit compete with Coinbase, dex’s will have to suck the toes of the Big Banks, and groom the stools of regulators, at least on some meaningful level, no? :unamused:

To be clear though, you use “simplex”? Never heard of it, got a link? :wink:


or there is Paxful



Thanks very much for the replies and information; much appreciated. Yeah, I look forward to having a crypto portal that doesn’t make me do back flips and life-changes on a monthly basis…


see what Boss man said about Yens exchange…


Word 'em up #Dogelord…word…'em…up. A pox upon Coinbase’s houses!


I’m guessing Coinbase is spending a truckload of loot to try and prevent anything from them not having market dominance, likely why we don’t have them yet… we are getting GitRobbed


I suspect you are correct about that. I can smell the “Tortious-Interference-Clutch”, burning from here…


Word…the #Changelly/#Simplex connects, works in a straightforward, and timely fashion.

It’s not, strictly speaking, that I don’t want to give #KYC docs, but, I do not work for Coinbase, them asking for “another pinky-finger” every 6 weeks though, takes “administrative” time out of my life, which I, deeply, resent, fix your own f’in #UX and provide me the service you have advertised…all that #cryptogelt is making you proud bro…Changelly is doing this better, and, unsurprisingly, will now receive my monies for this increased usability…there now, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

#themightyfistofrighteousindignation:fire::fire::sob::sob::sob::fire::fire: #letseat:plate_with_cutlery: