CME is trying to patent a way to change blockchain rules



Modifying the blockchain protocol without consensus or a fork? Is this a good thing?



I read this and thought it was the opposite of what bitcoin is and will not happen.



That doesnt sound good…maybe im wrong but…thats why its such a great system in the first place.

If you modify…manipulate…modify…m_a_n_i_p_u_l_a_t_e…change…tamper…and, in the end…


Maybe im wrong yall and im overreacting but i dont think this is good.


I think this will not happen on Bitcoin itself as the Bitcoin core team will not allow such manipulation to be done on their blockchain.
what I am guessing is that this will just happen to a fork of Bitcoin, maybe Bcash or some other token that the banks will want control over. Maybe XRP will be a good example of a blockchain that financial institutions will want to control.
The main issue will be that the control of the token will be in the hands of a few again making for centralised governance of the token.


I am so tired of these greedy fucktards.


Not going to happen…but they have enough money to make it happen…ugh lol :beetconnect: