Cloudcoin sponsors Freedomfest in Vegas. What is it?


Thanks a lot, I will check that out. Any idea when the coin will be offered on other exchanges and will when we be able to track cloudcoin on something like the CoinCap app for example?


Again, I need to remind you that my replies to these kinna’ questions are all ‘guess-work’ and from deciphering varying sources.
You’re aware that CloudCoin is something of a ‘work-in-progress’. Because the CloudCoin Consortium is self-funded, (resulting in minimal staff at present), the project has been an excruciatingly slow walk to the finish line. I expect that the BitShares matter should be basically solved this coming week. However, it will be functioning as bare-bones until Software is developed to automate the procedure(s),
A hurried explanation:
Someone wants to place their CloudCoins on the Exchange. As also applies to Fiat or gold, CloudCoins are not BlockChain compatible. So, the CloudCoins must first be ‘uploaded’ and ‘authenticated’ as being genuine prior their acceptance and ‘conversion’ at the Exchange.
In a nutshell, the person is first needing to authenticate/validate their CloudCoins before they can be exchanged for BTS. (The reverse also becomes true too if someone chooses to exchange a BlockChain coin for a CloudCoin coin).
This procedure will be accomplished thru a manual intervention of the CloudCoin Consortium people until they develop Software to automate it.


Bitshares is all around confusing for me, let alone the processes you just mentioned with the cloudcoin… It will be interesting to see how it all comes together in the end… I imagine once they lay the groundwork for one exchange then they can be added by others…Just an assumption by a laymen when it comes to technology… Do you think there will ever be an exchange (non blockchain) that will develop in the future? Looking down the road in your opinion.


Yeah, I wholeheartedly agree; Exchanges are the worst form of puzzle-factory antics I’ve ever encountered. (Thankfully, I have no immediate need to ‘play’ on an Exchange. My single interest is to ascertain the day-to-day value of a CloudCoin).
Technology races beyond our every imagining most times. In any event, to answer your question, there’s coming a day when a ‘Universal Wallet’ will become available , causing the puzzle-factory interface of Exchanges to vanish into background.


August 10, ‘CloudCoin Bulletin’:

August 8 ‘Live Update’:


Looks like things are moving along for it. Now if it could blow up like ripple did a while back, it would be fun to jump into. Lol.


What is this stuff about the 4 horsemen that the bitshares guy is talking about?


I easily imagine that you’re not the first to have posed this question. :slight_smile: Stan Larimer claims to be something near a theologian of sorts. Evidently, he enjoys announcing future plans and rumors concerning BitShares using biblical/prophetical undertones. While it’s not to my liking, … each to his own … as they say.