Cloudcoin sponsors Freedomfest in Vegas. What is it?


The inventor, Sean Worthington, has indicated that marketing efforts haven’t even begun in earnest. Yes, DFN has been promoting it somewhat along with other ventures they are involved with. However, I think CDC is interesting in the fact that the tokens are in the process of being minted, which simply means that they are being dispersed. I can offer you a CloudCoin right now in exchange for anything that you have of value. There is nothing complicated about it. I send you an email with the data for the coin(s) and you take ownership as you promise to deliver on your good or service.

There are 2 million tokens in denominations of 1, 5, 25 and 250 and there are 8 million tokens in the denomination of 100. All of the tokens have identification that will be authenticated in a process of transference from the owner to the recipient. Once the recipient has taken ownership, the previous owner can no longer use that coin - it will not be authentic in a future transaction.

What the marketing efforts will need to focus on is getting businesses to accept them. The businesses will obviously want the value tied to some known commodity. At first, it may be the fiat currencies around the world, but over time it may graduate to a precious metal standard until the coins can stand on their own integrity and acceptance.


Another note on the lack of widespread marketing efforts: There are millions of tokens that have yet to be purchased into the wild. Perhaps the CloudCoin Consortium wants to get them dispersed as widely as possible so that they are not gobbled up and quashed by a competitor seeking to monopolize that market. The distributors of the coins are also trying to make as much money as they can in distributing what they have. DFN has been offering a lottery for attendees of their weekly marketing show that is involved with a number of ventures including CloudCoin.


Great, I’m waiting for feedback from others from the pub to look into it with some feedback… Especially some of the long term members that have been around the block or some outside independent reviews… Its promising on the outside but very difficult to understand… Also hard to buy… No Coinbase or Bittrix, which are both very secure to buy through and easier to use my bank account or CC.


Hi! At first glance, your comment, (as quoted above), appears to be a thoughtful coin distribution strategy. My lingering question is: why has there been so many successful ICO’s which have not conformed to such a distribution restraint?


CloudCoin Release Schedule:
CloudCoins are divided into 60 tranches. One tranche is scheduled to be released every month for 5 years 60 months). The first tranche as released January 2017. The last tranche will be released December 2021.
Amount of CloudCoins Released:
January 2017 23,000,000
December 2017 285,632,102
December 2018 571,264,204
December 2019 856,896,307
December 2020 1,142,528,409
December 2021 1,428,160,512 (All CloudCoins Released)
December 2022 1,428,160,512 (No Change)


Hi! Claire … I’m in agreement with your claim that the inventor of CloudCoin / RAIDA, (Sean Worthington), is a “genius”.


Has anyone looked into the raida and can do a compare and contrast with it and the blockchain? Do they coexist as equal platforms? Would one be a lower tier to the other like raida would operates under the blockchain since the blockchain the primary foundation for everything in the future?


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That’s impressive claims but has any of this been independently tested and results shown. I think that would go a long way forwards legitimacy with the raida if there’s someone or somewhere can authenticate all of that. Just my opinion. Follow up question. Will cloudcoin be the only coin operating of this platform or will there be others?


Hi! ‘Arfortney27’ . I’m merely an early-on ‘investor’ with CloudCoin … nothing more than that. I think your question is better to be asked of the CloudCoin Consortium’s technical/software people.


Hi! ‘Arfortney27’
You might wish to view two events which are scheduled to occur today, Wed August 8th:

  1. Wed Aug 8, 2:00pm EDT
  2. Cloudcoin LIVE will be at a special date and time this week… today, Wed Aug 8 at 9:30 EDT.


Still I’d prefer something independently published about the raida and cloudcoin. Just like when I purchase a car, I like to read on-line reviews and YouTube videos about the car I’m interested in. I’m pretty sure that if I only ask the manufacture they will tell me that their car was the best model they have ever made. If that make sense? That is why I first asked here in the Pub because people here are on top of things… It would be nice if more people with experiance would jump in if they have any personal experiences with cloudcoin or the raida.


While I have ‘personal experience’ with CloudCoin, it’s only as an individual who purchased CloudCoins in mid-2017 … with additional quantities purchased since. I can confirm that the RAIDA appears to function well; meaning that I was able to both authenticate and ‘Password Own’ the ‘raw’ CloudCoins which I purchased … and at remarkable speed too.
Other than that, you’ll not find me hyping any Coin in any forum. I’m simply sharing the plain truth from out of my own experience with CloudCoin … whether that be a positive or negative opinion. :slight_smile:


I certainly appreciate all of your advice and opinions you have given so far, indeed you are very insightful on things concerning Cloudcoin. I was referring to the information provided by the multiple official cloudcoin sites and Crypto Connie videos (No offense to her fans) who absolutely knows nothing about crypto and feels like she is pitching products instead of asking questions. If Peter done a video on Cloudcoin It would hold a lot of weight because he knows this stuff.


Ummm, who is Peter? , (post requires 20 characters) :slight_smile:


I haven’t researched it. Stay frosty.


it was announced this evening, Aug 8th, that CloudCoin is now able to be traded on the Bitshares Exchange.
However, the procedure to ‘convert’ the non-blockchain CloudCoin into a blockchain compatible Token is a bit cumbersome … until they ‘work-out-the-bugs’ and create user-friendly software which will near automate the process.


Cool! Is there a place you can track the volume/cap/price of cloudcoin? I’m still not finding anything.


My bad … I learned this AM that my earlier Post above was a bit premature. CloudCoin is not actively trading as yet on BitShares. While the basic ‘ingredients’ were installed yesterday, these remain under testing prior activity becoming available to the public. Sorry 'bout that, Perhaps, a day 'er two more.


Hi! ‘Arfortney27’
At this early stage, I believe that the ability to track volume/cap/price of CloudCoin will soon begin to appear here: