Cardano will be huge



9.99 but definitely not 10.0. wtf?


Daedalus and network work just fine for me once it is synced. I did 5 transactions within 5 minutes just a couple weeks ago


They are never going to have normies use their wallet if they have to do a bunch of sync the clock, etc. computer magic tricks to get the wallet to sync to the network.

I guess the technically minded forget that regular folks just like to install and then use. They need to go for a no-brainer approach because most normies are no-brainer type people. They have too much other crap to deal with IRL to have to fuss with trying to figure out how to get a cypto wallet to work.

And isn’t pretty much any crypto projects vision mass adoption? You need no-brainer solutions for mass adoption.

I like Nimiq because of this. My grandma could set up a Nimiq wallet and even mine without having to do much at all


I agree with your view on their current wallet. But thankfully, they are releasing a user friendly light wallet in the near future


Also $9.99 by 2020? Im invested in ADA & even I cant see that happening. Im hoping for $2-$5 down the line