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Hi all. I’m new here. I have been trying to get the wallet for Cardano (Daedalus) to work on my computer for some time now. Is there any other option out there. I have been back and forth with the support team at Daedalus, but we haven’t made any progress. I went through the steps of trying to fix it not connecting to the network, then uninstalled and can’t get it to even open again on my computer. Does anyone know of other options out there.

PS my portfolio currently holds:

And growing


I think at the moment your SOL. Im having issues with it myself. Glad I tried to download the wallet before I bought some. Idk what you currently use for a wallet but exodus carries all those coins except xrp and ada but according to exodus roadmap there gonna be adding xrp soon its in beta testing theres just no date that I can see atleast


Thanks for the response. I’m using toast wallet for xrp and it works well. I have exodus for others as well. It’s unfortunate because I like the ADA project but if you can’t get the wallet right… gotta get it off the exchange. Thanks again.


yea no worries. I have some xrp on a site right now and im waiting for my ledger to come in so I can take it off of there. The way its been going its making me nervous leaving it there lol


Hello KingCoin18. I also had the same issue of installing Daedalus which I did uninstall then re-install the Wallet on my PC (running on Win7 64-bit version). The re-installation finally work but the actual installation processing time took nearly an hour. Reference FAQ ( Be patient and as when you execute the installation you will see a period of what looks like “idle” but the installation is working in the background and will take over 10 minutes or so for the splash screen to appear. Once the splash screen appears you will see the installation processing time display and you will wait over 30 minutes for the process to complete. Finally was able to install it 2 days ago.


i use daedalus on mac, havent had an issue other than some transactions took a day to deposit. thought i lost it and double checked the address several times but it went through


I had the same issue of “connecting to netowork…”. I run the Daedalus wallet on a PC. I downloaded the wallet launched it an all was well. I transferred my ADA into the wallet and shut it down. A couple of days later I launched the wallet and it was stuck “connecting to the network”.
What I had to do was close that instance of the wallet. Go into the wallet directory and find the Daedalus.bat file not the exe file and run the batchfile. The batch file will launch the wallet and it will take it several minutes to get caught up then it will be ready to go. I just launched the wallet again (using the batch file) and it came up without any issues.
Good luck,


So…I current use the Daedalus wallet…on initial install it does take AWHILE (like 1-1.5 hours) but after that i havent had any issues at all


Anyone continuing to have issues with the Daedalus wallet? I’m stuck on “syncing block 98.92%” for the past hours. It’s been really slow ever since I’ve dl’d it in early January. Running a newer MBP with high sierra.


Yeah I did. I finally had the thought if they can’t make the setup and use of their wallet simple or get answers from someone to fix it, why am I in this? Two days ago sold all 2000 shares and put it into icx. Icx and bitcoin only for me at the moment and probably for some time.


Yeah, what I normally did was to close Daedalus if the syncing is stuck for some time, and then re-open it.

Same thing with NEO-Gui wallet as well.


Mine took several hours to sync on windows. Havent made any transfers to the wallet yet since Binance has disabled withdrawals.


Ive been ‘connecting to the network’ for a damn hour!!

This wallet can get the fuck out.




Yeah. To hell with that. I got out.


guess I’m just going to play with fire and leave it on the exchange until Cardano sort it out.



Hey teddy, or anybody else, how do you log out of the Daedalus wallet?


There is no way of logging out of Daedalus. But anyone who access your computer cannot spend your Cardano even though they can open and see your account balance.


Oh sweet I’ll be looking into it