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Whats the tax implications of HODLING ALTS and BTC in Canada? Do we declare at the point of conversion to FIAT? Do we record swing trades ?

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Hello my fellow Canucks. I was wondering how long it took you guys to get verified through QuadrigaCX? My account was created about 2 weeks ago , I completed the Equifax validation but my ID verification is still Pending. Just wondering if it’s expected to wait that long.

How’s coinsquare compared to QuadrigaCX by the way?


Not a lot of Canadians eh! Well Im out for a rip to the moon who’s coming with me? I’m from onterrible where Orville redenbacher is destroying what I’ve worked for so I turned to crypto.


I hate to spread FUD, but is anyone else having problems transferring?

I tried to do 3k twice now and it has been rejected, I’m with Vancity.


Hi from Germany.
I liked that song! Thanks for sharing.
They were quite successful with this song, eh?
I see it´s from 2013… and now they are sueing Coca Cola for jacking their trademarked “out for a rip” line?
Much lulz :joy:
Hope they win!


BTC and Crypto Addict checking in from Red Deer, Alberta!

Darcy C


Canadian cryptocurrency exchange Coinsquare has raised $30 million in new equity financing.

Announced today, the funding was led by financial services firm Canaccord Genuity. The funding, according to the company, “will be used to fuel a global growth plan and diversification strategy focused on making the platform even more responsive to mainstream customers’ needs.”

Part of that push will include hiring as many as 100 employees over the coming months, with an eye to have 200 employees working for the exchange by the second quarter of this year

Bloomberg Markets reported in January that the company is eyeing the U.S. and U.K. markets, and is also planning an initial public offering (IPO) in Canada for Sept. 2018. Coinsquare hopes its IPO will serve to establish the exchange as a reputable entity in the eyes of investors.

“We’re racing, but racing to do it right. We’re going to take the old-school route as an IPO to the Toronto Stock Exchange,” Cole Diamond, Coinsquare CEO, was quoted as saying. Diamond also said that the exchange plans to launch one new cryptocurrency per month on its platform starting in February.

Coinsquare said its expansion plans also include investments in cryptocurrency mining, the launch of a Trading and Arbitrage division and the creation of funds “focused on investments across the digital asset landscape” which will be called CoinCap Funds.


Nice to see you here. I’m in Edmonton but moving to Vancouver this week. Cheers :slight_smile:


Thanks for the post Adrian, I just recently started using Coinsquare and i’m definitely seeing an improvement


I’ve been in Ontario for almost 3 weeks now and it’s been awesome. Heard the weather was cold but experiencing it was something else. (P.S. I live in the tropics , average weather year round is like 30°c ).
I seriously wonder how people in Halifax and other colder regions do it. They are the real MVP.

@Angela I had my first waffles with mapple syrup it was wonderful. Really looking forward to spring and summer .


Let me know if you need a hand with anything, I’d be happy to help you.


Awesome news, what’s it like compared to QuadrigaCX? I might just setup an account with this new exchange now.

Darcy C


Northwest Alberta here, started mining mid December 2017. Won’t put fiat cash into crypto period not for any reason other than wife would blow a gasket. Maybe this fall I’ll bump my investment up but doubtful like the mining aspect. Once I pay back to cost of hardware it literally is free money. Use QuadrigaCX and Kraken due to being able to deal in CAD but due to tax reasons that is no longer an issue since I have no interest in selling for fiat cash till I retire otherwise the government will take way to much of it. Heard about BTC plaguing WoW back in 2009 chatting on Vent almost put 10k into it but figured was a scam , ya I’m kickin myself in the butt over that mistake. Was going to try Binance but waiting to see what’s going on between them and SCC.


This is a must read for anyone looking to buy when the dip is over:

"After researching other options for hours today i am creating this post and thread to help, educate, and explore other possible options for people in the same boat as me(and help me:)

So you can no longer fund using RBC interac on Quadriga, what are some other options?:

  1. Use Flexpin Vouchers. -Buying them online for me i was only able to purchase $250 daily, which is a joke.

-Buying in person i think is different, you can find stores around you that offer them however quad only lets you fund $500 cards at a time with a 24/hr limit of $2,500. So unless you wanna stack on these everyday in $500 increments then other options must be explored + fees are rekt.

  1. Other Banks. From what i have read TD, Scotia, BMO are out of the picture. However CIBC may be an option. Existing users are finding success from what i have heard. Dont know how long this will last and we can assume CIBC will follow the other big banks in blocking this. If anyone has other info on this please comment below, i would open an account with them if they are good with this. But i cant even find a CIBC option under e transfer in quad?? help

  2. Credit Union. Many different credit unions out there. from what i have read: -Prospera is a Canadian wide union however recently i have read that people have been blocked from funding quad after a few hours:(

-for BC people coast capital doesn’t support e transfers, Coastal Community might be a good credit union to look into

-Innovation seems great with no fees but many people have said today they cant fund and their accounts are getting error messages, possibly blocked:(

-Simplii Financial could be a good option as it is related to CIBC, will look into this, anyone have more info? Someone said it works well for them but then another user asked where are the funding options in quad, cant find any?? and i cant find any either?

-Envision Financial also came up as a “good” credit union, will look into it

  1. Coinbase

I have a visa debit and can still fund my coinbase acct, fees are so bad but whatever. Only 1k a week though which is terrible

  1. Crypto Capital

if you are a big buyer this might be for you. No quad fees, anytime, 1 day transfer speed. This looks amazing, account creation required. This is the first thing im going to look into, not sure how you fund the crypto capital account though, anyone use this? Edit: looks like you cant use credit cards or debits or anything to fund, just bank wires, rip:(

  1. Shakepay Mobile App

signup send them an e transfer. I am testing right now with $5 to what happens, their service seems good and they replied to another reddit post, “no e transfer fees from them, buying or selling = 1.75% + exchange rate, sending/receiving cad or btc is free.” Thats pretty good, actually really good for a mobile app with 1k downloads on play store. Their btc prices are a bit off compared to quadriga, Quad btc price for example right now $10,855 CAD while Shakepay = $10,994.11 CAD. so ya might just take some more time to update. will see when i get the funds as it is not instant. This option is looking nice right now. Update, got my $5 in about 15 mins, now have to verify with a utility bill, and a bank statement or something

  1. localbitcoins

not for me, wont look into this.


for me right now i will be using shakepay hopefully and coinbase right now to buy my crypto. if cibc/Simplii or any other credit unions are looking nice (feedback pls) then i will open an account with them. Finally i will be looking into crypto capital as this seems like a really good option for quad once all set up, just not sure how to fund pls help. as for flexpin and localbtc, not interested really.

Please leave any information or experiences with anything to mention or that might be of use. I am not going pack in my bags and let rbc control my crypto future and dreams, i am facing this problem head on and trying to find a solution to the problem ASAP. I want us all to benefit from this so we can all buy crypto!!! THX:) "