Can someone explain massive sell walls?


watching ICX and I saw an abnormally sized sell well at 50k - (20 BTC worth) – more so than anyplace else -

we didn’t break it and the 20 BTC moved down to 49000 as price dropped to 48.5

is this people trying to what, artificially keep prices low till a pump? I would think if they were trying to drive the price up they’d kill it as price approached it and then it’d just steam roll thru - I can’t think of a reason to have that sell wall at 50k, and then MOVE it down except to push prices down…but I can’t think of WHY except a future pump and dump…

enlighten me, wizen people!


What if they just wanna sell… :troll:


Did you try searching for an answer or explanation i knows that should turn up a few good results

I’ve seen it posted multiple times