Buying altcoins directly with fiat in the US on Changelly


If you’re looking for an easy onramp to Bitcoin instantly try square cash. It isn’t the best rate but I think it’s trustworthy. Has it’s limitations but when coonbase was double charging everyone in February I switched to gemini and square cash. Gemini for etherium buys and longer hold purchases and square cash to send to Binance to buy alts quickly


Yes - this is exactly what I’m referring to: '…through our Conversion Service is calculated as the market rate of the digital currency on Coinbase’s GDAX platform, plus a spread between 0 to 200 basis points determined by the size of your transaction.

THAT IS IT! That in banking is often termed ‘points’ - and in this case it is $150 over BTC market rate on Gdax. A moving average is a few dollars. $150 increase is a fee. Same with the coin machines… you discount to make money. $150 is not a small moving average… BTC has not hit close to the price I paid in months. Paying way over market - is a charge - and it looks like no matter what it is called… there’s not a choice. I’m going to try next with a debit card and see if I can transfer from Coinbase Cash wallet to Gdax. THAT would be a good deal. I’ve not been able to do that so far. Ahhhh - challenges. Very much appreciate your help. And I’ll check out Kracken and others too.


Another potential onramp into the cryptoverse is NLC2. Supposedly you can buy those tokens from the sports website with a credit card, then transfer them off and exchange them. They’re even supposedly adding a debit card by the end of this year.

Disclaimer: I haven’t used it myself, I’m not into fantasy sports, I’ve never used their platform, and beware credit card fees.