Buying altcoins directly with fiat in the US on Changelly


Has anyone in the US bought altcoins directly with fiat using Changelly? Seems to avoid a lot of fees and steps of having to buy BTC or others then trading for the altcoin you want. Looking for feedback on this option.


I did see this in the FAQs:

"Are there any restrictions on bank card payment?
Although you may exchange up to any amount in general, we do have some terms for your first several transactions via bank cards:

USA, Canada and Australia - $50 limit for the first transaction, the next purchase could be made in 4 days (100$ limit), $500 after 7 days of the first buy. No more than 3 payments within the first week. No limits in one month at all."


Are they a US based company?


I can’t find that information if they are US based or not.

I did find this while looking: takes an exchange fee for using the service. The fee is 0.5% of the transaction volume. The fee can be a subject to reasonable fluctuations due to the mathematical rounding.


Ok so i checked it out and on Wikipedia its based in Prague, Czech Republic

But it is Wikipedia so its not necessarily factual.


They allow purchases with US credit cards though it seems, so that’s ok isn’t it?


Honestly…i dont know. I havent researched em to that degree. You might want to browse through reddit forum and see what people who have used them say.

Anyone else here that have used Changelly could provide some insight?


There’s probably a credit card fee and your credit/debit card will likely hit you with a foreign transaction fee as well. Most likely a total of 7% or more.


Hadn’t thought about the foreign fee.


I have been tempted to try Changelly but had read of people not receiving their coins. So far I have not used them. So would you say it is safe to use then?


I still haven’t tried them. I used bank wire transfer instead to coinbase.


Thanks altconchick. i’m kinda looking to stay away from coinbase, looking for alternatives. I have uploaded eth and btc to binance to make exchanges, but changelly looks so convenient, but I’m a bit afraid to try it.


Anyone else had any reports of success/failure on Changelly? Coinbase is starting to creep me out…

I would, very much like to find a US available fiat -> BTC alternative. Coinbase is going full-on “Agent Smith”…


Check our Krakken and Gemini


When I checked about a week ago Changelly would allow credit card transactions but the only option was American Express!


Thanks very much, I appreciate it!


Thanks for your input, much appreciated. Also, wtf? That’s weird…:joy::joy::joy:


So Gemini seems to need wire transfer for USD deposit. Have you gone that route? If so, what were the fees/time-scale like for that?


Personally I do not see any issues with Coinbase. I like their products and services they offer, so I have not tried Krakken or Gemini. I just know they offer similar services from information posted here on the Pub. Someone else will have to provide you their experiences. Most of the time the wait is due to the legacy banking institution not Coinbase/Krakken/Gemini. As far as fee’s they should be listed on the site or your bank will have a list of the wire transfer fee’s.


I hear, and respect, that. Within the last week though, Coinbase, without notice (their support staff, predictably, claim that they gave notice, I maintain that they did not) cut off my ~2 year customer access (refused to allow me to operate my account, as I had been for those ~2 years) on the stipulation that my services could only be reinstated if I provided an, increased, level of personal information to them.

Now, I’m not one to “cry foul” at every little slight, but, that kind of “Bait and Switch”, is straight bullshit, also, technically, illegal. If your (Coinbase’s) internal politics, pressures, and interactions with external “authorities”, have pressured you to the point where you have had to, “make some changes”, I am not, strictly speaking, adverse to that…

However, if you interdict on my, personal, financial affairs, without warning, or consideration for my time and effort in having to accord with your abrupt changes in operation, I, absolutely, do take exception to that. It is “I”, after all, who pay, “you”, for, “products and services”, and your ("their, that is, ‘Coinbase’s’ ") apparent inability to give me proper, in my humble opinion, “notice” of these changes in policy and operation, is a profound failure in the providing of, “service”. And, again, I am affronted by that, and don’t believe that we, as a “community” should accept “coercion”, and falsely name it, “service”.

Just sayin’ though…the tone of this, of course, is not aimed at you, I greatly appreciate your time and input. Coinbase, on the other hand? I am not trying to be dramatic (and yet, seemed to have failed at not being dramatic :sob: ), but I do not like where they are headed. No, thinking, tyrant “reveals themselves readily…”:wink: