Bulk Buying GPU's I need 100 GPU's


I can delivery bulk RX5xx GPUs with a weeks time delivery estimate. Already have sold a tons on reddit and looking for more buyers! Hit me up if you are looking for a bulk buy.


Nvidias are extrenely tough to find a bulk buy! Sorry but let me know if you are looking for any RX series. I have another batch of “MSI RX470 Special Mining Edition” coming in a week. I myself could not find much info on these online so sound like fresh on the market. 28.5-30 MH @ 80-100W is too good for a miner… but then… single DVI port is not so good for resale.


What price can you do on 30 , 50 and 100 rx 570
Mining 8 gig’s


Hi Jay, are you in US ?, i am interested if you have 50 or more GPU ?


Dang, you are a day late. I had 70x RX580 8GB yesterday but all sold/paid as of yesterday evening. I have built a solid distribution list from people over multiple forums so now most cards getting sold on emails, before I have to post in the forums. Let me know your email id and I will gladly add you to the list.

My base prices are
RX470 Mining Edition 8G - 375
RX570 8GB - 375
RX580 4GB - 400
RX580 8GB - 425.
Nvidia - Varying on the model/brand

Shipping would be actual cost and no tax if you are outside Indiana. Remember that most big box shops would charge you tax so keep that in mind when comparing. On a lucky day, you might be able to snatch at same price elsewhere but qty is a pain, which is my selling point in addition to prices/delivery time compared to most other bulk distributors.


Yup, Columbus, Indiana. Drop me a message on mysticminingllc@gmail.com and will let you know about more stock shortly.


Hey Jay! do you still have bulk gpus?


I am sold out on everything except MSI RX470 8GB Mining Edition card. I have 3 of my own rigs with this card and this would do stable 30.2@105-110W at the wall or 31.5 for 125-130W.

Only 50 qty left so hit me up if interested. Priced at $375


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Anyone interested in bulk buying Sapphire Rx 580 8gb Nitro Special Edition send me a message


Hi, how many 580’s are you selling?


I have 300 brand new units coming. How many do you need?


Joined 1 day ago, and offers 300 Gpus … :joy:


??? So it means you have 1000 gpu’s just because you joined a year ago? LOL


Sad. Why such a negative attitude and awfull words? I would be guessing has something to do with the first part of your username? LOL


It doesn’t nesecarily mean he is a scammer. I understand being sceptical but calling him a scammer with out any evidence is just as bad as scamming. Maybe he just found the pub and this thread.

@cjoa79 - I would suggest providing some evidence of your business and start your own thread in the Bazaar if you are selling GPU’s.


Let’s all be civil here, thank you. @cjoa79 can you tell us where you are based? Most of the forum is in the USA and we’ve all been taught to never send money to where it may never return from.

Have a good one today! We always welcome new members.


I’ve dealt with @Jay_Kavathe on a purchase of 1080ti’s recently. Smooth transaction will deal with again when the new Green Team cards are released.

@peter is there a way to leave feedback on transactions in here? I am still pretty new and have not been able to find it yet. (If there is no such thing… it would be a good thing to put in here to build trust in the community members who are also trying to do business in “The Pub”)


Hey guys. Came across this thread from a google search and decided to join this forum to post a response. Hopefully @Balkancryptodog doesn’t get after me too much :slight_smile:

Been in the business of coordinating bulk buys for a while. We recently launched Bulk Mining Supply for GPU’s and other GPU mining equipment. Feel free to reach out if you’re interesting in joining our bulk buy.



Hello is anyone selling GTX 1070s or 1080s in bulk? I need about 40-50. Please let me know if you have any in stock or know someone who is. I’d really appreciate it. Thank you.