Bulk Buying GPU's I need 100 GPU's


I have 30 GeForce-GTX-1080-AERO-8Gs. Six boxes, 5 in each box. They are OEM and do not have MSI branding. $650 each.

I have about a 2 week lead time from order day until you receive the items. You’d have 1 week to return all or some of them.

Like cjoa79, I just joined the same day I posted… doesn’t make me a scammer. I found this site after Googling “wholesale gpus”. I’m based in Boston so I can meet up for an in-person exchange or I’ll ship if financials are secured via escrow or similar.


I too have been looking into a bitmain miner. can you run a s9 on a regular 110 wall socket ?


Please send an email to John@chicrypto.com if anyone is looking for 500+ QTY of brand new in box 1060 3gb with Samsung memory.



Im looking for 100x GTX 1060s, pref 6gb. Let me know if anyone can supply this qty!



I’m not sure if you still need help sourcing your GPUs. If you do need help, please let me know.

Thank you,
Future Farm

May the coin be with you!


I am still looking- send details?


Please send your details to sales (at) futurefarm.ca.

Thank you and may the coin be with you.


Hey there -

My team and I would be happy to have a conversation with you to see if we can find some opportunities for synergy.

Furthermore, we can absolutely help with manufacturing and hosting of your GPUs.

Feel free to email us at team@frontiermining.co [team (at) frontiermining.co] and we can take the conversation from there.




Thread is old but my team and I can definitely help with a bulk buy of GPU 1080TIs. If you’re still interested, send me an email at kyle@frontiermining.co and we’ll take the conversation from there.


If you’re still looking, my team and I have GPU 1070s and GPU 1080s ready to go. Feel free to email me at kyle@frontiermining.co to continue the conversation.