Bulk Buying GPU's I need 100 GPU's


Anyone have connections?


Connections are easy to find. Just don’t let them up sell you on a container full of bottle rockets.


curious why everyone is buying GPU’s, why not a Bitmain miner?


I think GPU miners provide some diversity in coins to mine and therefore probably better risk/reward. Laying down a boatload of cash on Bitmain miners and then having those miners decay in performance because of varying bitcoin difficulty is potentially hazardous financially… just my thoughts/2 cents.


ok, interesting. I wasn’t aware of large fluctuations in difficulty. Was just thinking that Ethereum is using up a lot of GPU hashing power and they are planning on switching to POS eventually.

I have some GPUs running myself, it’s alright but i don’t pay for power so that’s a big bonus


The fluctuations in difficulty is because of Moore’s law. Bitmain has a huge incentive to design and create more efficient ASIC’s and when they do, it makes all of the older miners redundant. Thats a key risk so the timing of your purchase with Bitmain miners plays a big part in your success in my opinion. A GPU miner can just switch coins to something less difficult.

Yea Ether will move to POS, however, i still think there will be other coins to mine other than ether going forward.


I’m not buying GPUs dfsdfs


My ones that had decayed are more profitable than ever right now.


Sure, that’s a variable but you are at the mercy of difficulty. If bitmain release a new miner that is significantly better, your profit margins will erode pretty quickly.

Have you made a return on your investment? What type of profitability do you have per month?


At scale, turning the S7s back on increased the amount of electricity I can write off as a business expense. Making them actually more efficient than the S9s.


The ROI takes about 2 weeks per shipment, I’m not even going to touch the profitability.


There are plenty of other coins you can mine with antminers when the difficulty goes up. My scrypt ones jump around. I usually leave the SHA256 on BTC. I’ll point them all at a new coin, and mine a bunch of them before the difficulty goes up sometimes. Sometimes you can catch a coin without much mining power on it, and take 80 percent of the blocks.


Wow @nathan sounds good. - So i guess it depends on the context of the mining arrangement. What is the cost of your electricity? Running some basic numbers into the nicehash profitability calculator for the S9 suggests the payoff is some what different than your arrangement (https://www.nicehash.com/profitability-calculator/bitmain-antminer-s9?e=0.1&currency=USD). Are you purchasing these miners at a discount?


Those numbers are way off when you’re running thousands of them. My electricity bill is astronomical, and I do get a discount on the miners. Bitmain prefers Litecoin regardless of what their website says.


Ah - So you are running a commercial grade farm. Economies of scale helps some what :wink:

When you say Bitmain prefers Litecoin - What are you saying? They prefer you to buy a Scrypt miner vs a SHA256? Or you are saying they prefer to mine LC ?


They give me much better prices when I pay in Litecoin. I started with 100 S4s, and it’s grown considerably since then. I never had any intention of going this big. It’s an arms race. The scale is something I never see the big miners mention. Probably to scare away new miners. It affects profitability more than anything.


Are you guys still looking for bulk GPU purchase? Even though thread is old, the stock has depleted even more so I am sure there are many looking to buy bulk.


im always interested in purchasing more gpus. preferably 1080tis


:point_up_2: what blockchange said

And If you succeed save some for those of us that haven’t made enough gains to fun a project like that but are dying to build as many rigs as possible :heart:

And if anyone wants help with a rig or is in the Pacific Northwest and wants help setting anything up in person hit me up :metal:


There will always be opportunities for bulk options as time goes. Just gotta keep all ears open.