Build Your Own ASIC Miner


7500 is absolutely the wrong!!
It’s boiling point is at 128 degree Celsius

So you allow the chips to heat until that point!
As the Novec liquids are performing exactly at the point when it vaporizes ( maximum thermal energy transiston), you need a temperature as low as possible for xour ASIC
This is the 7100 at about 61 degree Celsius
So the ASIC would operate exactly at that temperature and not at 85 degrees as usually.

Finally you spare energy (reduction in Amps) and you increase Hashingpower.

We have kaboratory tests snd results.
Significant changes!!


Thanks a lot for letting me know, i will contact the distributor here in Singapore, the suggested me that specific Novec, i am aware of the Temperature issue but they said it was the same as the 7100 just improved version.

I will shed some light into their claims


Hey Merismus,

You are always welcome here in Florida. I am currently living with my parents here in Gainesville, Florida and we have a few extra bedrooms here if you choose to visit you are welcome to stay. We could set something up on AirBnB if you are concerned with security, but you are definitely welcome to stay here for free as long as my parents permit :slight_smile: We can discuss that as we progress and build interest.

The quarter acre property located in Dunnellon is about an hour drive south of Gainesville and I have a van or SUV we can travel there in. The closest international airports to these two areas are about an hour and a half drive away in Orlando International Airport, Sanford International, and Tampa International Airport. I would be happy to pick you up at any of those airports. I flew from Tampa to Kuala Lumpur in 2015 for $880.

Due to costs of travel, I encourage the team to continue bootstrapping and working on your prototypes in your most comfortable and familiar laboratory settings. Please know that I am serious about developing my land with this sort of project, and even if we choose a different location, I would still be happy to help for the sake of science. There are many other parcels that may be shopped for as well. However, I would be happy to start a land trust with interested partners and dedicate my land to the ASIC mining cause. Cooling may be an issue here in Florida but we have great A/C units, liquids could help, we could eventually put a sort of shade clothe canopy above our container, and/or even a shallow sort of rooftop garden above the containers to aid in cooling. A shallow reflection pool on the roof with overflow to cooling sort of cistern could also be utilized. Or, perhaps just white reflective/insulation paint on all exposed surfaces. Solar panels could also eventually be involved for renewable energy.

I am very impressed by your speed of execution in experimenting with the Novec liquid. I am also very thrilled and impressed with @CvR 's execution of speed in experimenting there in Austria as well. I am glad that we can collaborate and share information in trust to avoid errors, extra costs, and embrace synergy. Thank you for your generosity in sharing here with all of us. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to be able to live the dream of creating our own ASIC miners/farm/blockchain with the strength of great minds and liaison.

Congratulations on grabbing that new Sia miner too :slight_smile:

Happy Wednesday, y’all! Thus far it has been a nice start to 2018 and I encourage everyone to keep up the good work, continue forward in the path that you see fit for yourself and those that you love, and enjoy yourself as you accomplish your goals. Please let me know if there is anything specific that I can do to help you in your mission. :man_technologist:t2:


Ps. I want to share these resources with anyone who is interested in joining our new blockchain and ASIC mining think thank :slight_smile:

I am currently fully invested in the premined coin ICX because I believe their project has great value as a pioneer in blockchain interoperability, AI in crypto, and I would like to raise capital for some of my own ideas. I have previously used Binance to buy and store all of my ICX. Today, my ICX is safe in cold storage, I still trust Binance, and enjoy their friendly and intuitive user interface.

I am brainstorming on blockchain ideas that focus on solving issues in humanitarian rights issues such as world hunger, access to safe drinking water, abolishing slavery, helping sex traffic victims, caring for orphans, aiding refugees, promoting world peace, helping drug addicts, disability awareness, helping veterans, helping battered women, and decentralizing mining capabilities. I have numerous ideas, and I am thinking of ways of connecting them, perhaps with numerous blockchains that operate with intertwined goals of making the world a safer, happier, and healthier place to live. Do you have any ideas of blockchain that may or may not coincide with ASICs and these humanitarian efforts? Am I crazy? Can other already existing blockchain projects solve some of these issues facing humanity?

I am beginning to draft some white papers. What would your paper consist of? What sort of problems do you see in the world? What kind of solutions can you imagine? Can blockchain help with safety, security, transparency, efficiency, and speed? How will this technology develop similarly or differently to the first advent of the internet?

A few pertinent questions from Binance Labs application include:

How do you measure success or failure of each milestone?

How much funds do you need to achieve each milestone?

What is your target evaluation?

Where are your team based? Where are you incorporated legally?

Other questions I am thinking of:

What would the product be?

What would the market be?

Is there a demand?

What problem would be solved, and how?

How can we develop and test the solution?

Thanks for joining us here, taking the time to read through our discussion, and sharing your open source advice and/or criticism. :slight_smile:


What is a premine?


Pros and Cons of Premined Cryptocurrencies


Premine throwback luls

Back when BTC market cap was 8 Billion :slightly_smiling_face:


With mention of SiaCoin, which apparently is not premined:

This is an interesting project, providing a solution to a problem at a competitive rate, and I like how they have made it open source.


Here we go guys, i created a Token that will be used to finance the GoGoMining Project

Everyone that holds one of the Tokens will be entitled to a share of the project.

I will still talk to @FloridaWater and others about how exactly we will work in conjunction.

The Website is still under construction. Https://

Let me know if you have any question.



Way to go, @merismus :slight_smile:

Excellent speed in execution :smiley:

I have just began to familiarize myself with myetherwallet and etherdelta this week. That is such a good idea to begin tokenization there. I’m sure when you finish your website, communicate your ideas in your whitepaper, share some strategic partnerships, and begin to market with a few key exchanges, your token can really take off and promote more manufacturing in a healthy way :smiley: Your website is looking bright, professional and well organized in theory. I look forward to seeing how your company progresses with this project because you have skills, drive, and know how.

It’s a pleasure :seedling:






@FloridaWater, i found the company that actually does the Asic SHA256 coding for Bitmain!!! Yes that’s right Bitmain outsources the coding to a company in europe who has the Intellectual property right on the chip,we will have to pay a royalty fee to use the SHA-256 chip on our miner, this will give us time to work on our own chip.

The other tactic used by Bitmain is to bribe a TSCM employee to provide them with all Asic chip blueprints used by other companies, well i dont have this kind of money to bribe anyone yet :joy::rofl:,

I am expecting to get a quote from the coding company in the next couple of days. I will keep you updated!


@merismus Let us know when you’ve gotten to what you might call a “rough draft” on the website. I’d be happy to offer advise on anything from grammar to design.


@sleuth, thanks for your offer to help us, i will come up with a rough draft by Tuesday.


I’m just now realizing the irony in offering grammar help when I used advise instead of advice. heh


Thats ok, could happen to any of us!! :grin:


Hey @merismus, CONGRATULATIONS! What a wonderful start to 2018. This week you have met several crucial milestones :smiley: You are blessed with business acumen skills.

  • Singapore Mining Pte Ltd was established the week prior with great foresight.
  • You have begun experimentation with the control board (which makes connection between the pools and the hashing boards)
  • You have acquired ASIC chips for the S9
  • You have experimented with the Novec cooling liquid, communicated with @CvR on specifications/thermodynamics, and planned to recontact the distributor to verify the correct liquid model/specifications.
  • You launched a token on etherdelta
  • You founded

You are highly motivated and I believe that you are on your way to great success :clap:

I have made efforts to conceptualize mining farm/blockchain designs, international shipping logistics/laws, and international business/exchange partnerships. It has been very interesting to see how we communicate and make progress from various sides of the globe, to see the benefits of our never stopping rotations.

Here is an interesting idea for business opportunities in Europe:

Perhaps this sort of model and concept could be adopted and explained in your new token framework on your website to promote trust in your new token, manufacturing, and distribution model :smiley: You already have quite a few essential elements to show the beginning of a road map, so I am looking forward to seeing how your website further develops next week.

Thank you for all of the information that you have shared with us here. I hope that the coding company will give you a generous quote as they realize you have more potential as a successful business partner than Bitmain :slight_smile:

Happy weekend :smiley:

(Ps. Have you considered using test wafers to experiment with? Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you.)