Build Your Own ASIC Miner


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That is so awesome that you have much experience in hardware design at the RTL level, and you have worked with FPGAs. According to Wikipedia, the HDL used for FPGAs is similar to that of ASICs. So, perhaps you would like to coordinate efforts with @BSquad in due time as he has a working mining code that he may improve, and we could get some MPW ASIC’s programmed. There is also a slack group listed above where other professionals have been discussing creating ASIC miners.

Do you happen to have relationships with any ASIC chip manufacturers, or perhaps FPGA companies that may have relationships with ASIC chip manufacturers? This could be advantageous.

Thank you for introducing us to,

as I am learning about these processes and design concepts.

That is cool that you have considered Siacoin mining with FPGAs. That could make for a nice first mining rig prototype, and I have been watching Siacoin too. Interesting idea with that blockchain. We could perhaps translate your Siacoin FPGA miner to ASIC miners in time as the HDL is similar. I am interested in proof of stake coins such as Dash and Hempcoin :slight_smile:

X11 algorithm miners can be found at the bottom left of this page :smile:


Hello CvR,

Good to see that you are still here with us. Thank you for sharing your readiness with us, that is motivating. Unfortunately we do not have a running prototype, yet. 4000 sounds like a healthy prototype demand. Although I have never personally designed or sourced these products before, some people are doing it.

As an amateur ASIC mining businessman myself, I began this thread for discussion in order to learn and share knowledge of ASICs with others. The two ASIC miners that I ordered in hopes to learn more have been delayed, and may not ever arrive. So, personally, I am still in research and development. I believe most of us here still are. However other pub members seem to have plenty of experience in programming, engineering, product design, and business.

With this continued sort of disclaimer, as I am a novice, I can see it taking at least a year before we ever have a working product for the market. However, I know that there are many great minds about, so maybe someone else will chime in, and with their expertise they could do it even quicker, and better.

I can feel the steem picking up in the discussion here, especially with mention of investment. I wanted to keep the discussion here open and documented for the sake of open source science, but I am going to join the slack group posted above to see how that works and what they have been discussing there.

I’m not comfortable monetizing this ASIC project yet myself as I am fully invested in ICX, still waiting on two D3 ASIC miners, and trying to complete a rough design/shopping list in order to budget. The 4000 prototype project will require expert organizational management skills. You may wish you purchase some of these miners:


This is SO “COOL”! hehehe I think this sort of defines another project now. I like how it is in the footprint of a shipping container. I have been wanting to buy some shipping containers to make a house :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this! @Patrick_McCormick :smiley:

@CvR maybe you would like to contact that company and get something like that going with the hydro power plants :potable_water:

Immersion-2 Rack Platform
-Enlcourse and rack design for 18-225kW per rack
-Standard 10’ server rack design or custom-form factor
-Modular system, fits any hardware
-Built for HPC, incl. GPU, CPU, or ASIC based nodes
-Truly universal and non-proprietary
-Fully redundant cooling system, N+1
-Enclosures and vital parts made in Germany
-Container data center capable (self contained unit)

Contact their application engineers for information :slight_smile:


I work with startup mining company out of Florida. We are ramping up in multiple areas.
Current projects include researching developing miners and various rig/software combinations to increase efficiency.
How can I help you or this group? You can reach out via email: bitcoincryptocurrencyblog (at) or reach out to me here.


Hello all, really love the discussion and what this has turned into. so that those don’t have to scroll up to find the Slack invite link, I am reposting it here:


@nathan have you tried manufacturers like Keytronics? We are hearing aid developers and are asking them to make small boards and I believe they are trying to get more into making smaller chips/boards.

I would love to setup bitcoin mining real soon!


Hi guys, My name is Derek and i came to your posts looking for information on sha256 circuits. Im not looking to build the chip but buy the chip and layout a small mining test circuit. I own a small machine shop in CA and am looking for any individuals who have knowledge in IC circuits & Computer Programming.
I am not looking to build the fastest or most energy efficient product for mas production just a learning project for now. I will provide any machining and material work needed for the project and bored manufacturing through my normal manufactures i do work with. I will provide any components needed.
My background is as a Aerospace Manufacture and a hobby as a IC and electronics hobbyist. If there is any one with a programming or IC background and would like to contribute to this project pleas let me know.

Thank You.


I am already working on a cloning of the S9 hashing PBC board and S9 Control board.
In regards to the ASIC Mining chip i contacted a few companies to see if they can reverse engineer the Chip, if not, there are other companies that offer ASIC SHA-256 hashing chips.

BTW i have “0” experience in coding or electronics but i just follow the simple logic of having all the same components to make the thing work, i am the kind of person that learns as he goes.

The whole idea of having a own miner is just amazing, once i saw this thread i had to reply!!


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Very well organized, aesthetic, and professional website :smiley: thanks for sharing that with us here.

I believe that the water cooled miners posted above are the way of the future for energy efficient mining farms. However, people here are working on several different designs. Do you have any of your own mining rigs there at or what kind of miners are you using?



Hey @mb007

Thanks for creating and sharing this slack group for the benefit of communication :slight_smile:

Are there any pertinent developments there that newcomers may have missed?

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Hey @derekaztec

Welcome to :slight_smile: I’m happy that you could join us here.

Perhaps you would like to get in contact with @nathan as he has a chip design. I think that it would be interesting to layout a small mining test circuit, have the chips sealed in a vapor barrier, and cool the chips with liquid as shown above. I’m sure you have your own ideas as well.

Glad to have an electronic hobbyist with so many resources here at the pub to network and cooperate :smiley:

“The way of the future, the way of the future, the way of the future…”


Hello @merismus,

Welcome, welcome :slight_smile: You are on it, man! I like your “can do” approach to getting your boards set up. One for hashing, one for control. Is that how that works? How do you know?

If we can agree on some simple designs, make our hardware list as @Peter and @ImaginaryPi did for their GPU mining rig, we can make a budget, then order the proper hardware, perhaps ASICs chips last as they may be the most expensive parts.

Although we do not all have professional experience in coding or electronics we can follow your simple logic of having all the same components to make the thing work. I totally agree. We also have some great coders and electrical pros here. I am definitely learning too.

It is fun to learn about these machines and their capabilities. To be completely transparent, this will be a year of ASIC research for me, also studying more cyber security, and long term hodling of premined cryptos (ICX) to raise money for graduate studies, and this project. So, until I get my D3 ASIC miners I will just be researching, reading, and discussing here. I want to be completely transparent that I am not currently spending any money on hardware, and I am not actively tinkering.

However, there are members here who are actively working on their DIY ASIC mining rigs. :vulcan_salute:

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Many good quotes about innovation to share here, hehe. Stay inspired y’all! If you really want to, you will do it!


really excited about what you guys are doing. Could be awesome! Looking forward to seeing what comes of this



Hi guys, I would like to join this venture if it goes on.
Greetings from Spain


Hi FloridaWater,

Thanks for your warm welcome message.

Ok i am at the first level of cloning the control board, i live in Singapore and have access to all the components necessary to get this done.
The board controller is what makes the connection between the pools and the hashing boards, if everything is made at the same level there should be no issues on it working as designed, of course it can not be that easy i think otherwise other people would already done it before me (us) or anyone else, i believe that the real issue lies on the Asisc Chip, I just contacted a company that manufacturers Asic SHA 256 chips they have an IP on it, but it gets cheaper to work with such a company. As i mentioned in my last post i am still waiting to get a response from another company in regards to the reverse engineering of the Bitmain chip., i have no issues copying their chip function as Bitmain also copies from other like Avalon and other companies thanks to their ties with the TMSC foundry. Once i have everything ready i will start sharing with you guys and hope we can work together and try to create something that will allow us to maybe make a difference in the mining industry.


Hey @Colt_Glass , glad you could join us here too! Yes sir, it could be totally awesome :slight_smile: I am looking forward to seeing people create their own Asic Miners too :smiley:


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Hey @merismus,

My pleasure in welcoming you here. Thank you again for joining us, especially with your can do attitude, knowledge, and strategic geographic location.

Thank you for sharing this information about the board controller making connection between the pools and the hashing boards. Yes, I agree, if everything is made at the same there should be no issues on it working as designed. Sure, it must not be that easy, otherwise plenty of other people would have done it. However, I too believe that the ASIC chip is at the core of this manufacturing monopoly as well. You seem to have a good understanding about the chips, and I imagine closer proximity to foundries than most of us, so that is great that you are already in communication with various manufacturers. The reverse engineering chip solution sounds promising. Cheers to you!

I have only visited Singapore once on a 24 hour layover when I was visiting Southeast Asia for my first time in 2015. I had wanted to visit the island nation since I was an adolescent and I was not disappointed. Singapore is such a clean and special place to me. I had been visiting some less developed areas prior to arriving in Singapore and it was very refreshing how modern, developed, and clean it was. I remember drinking a Hoegarden Belgian beer in a bar there near China town where it was $15 Singapore for a beer. The discussions in that bar were different than most I hear elsewhere, and I started to ponder about the social implications of more expensive alcohol. There was a new night shop opening across the street from my hostel where they sold water for when you get “heaty”. That was sort of a new concept for me, hehe. The young part owner of the store had a Bentley out front so I thought that was sweet too. Anyway, it was short and pleasant visit there, and I think of returning often. There are many nice people there in Singapore and the food was delicious.

Sorry for the tangent. I’m sure you know Singapore quite well as you live there. If you ever get hungry while working on your ASICs project you might like to check out this Michelin-star meal:

Have you ever been there? Singapore is famous for its cuisine, you know :slight_smile: Next time I visit Singapore I hope to visit this spot, as I do enjoy chicken and noodles :smiley: Nothing wrong with a good quality, cheap meal, especially if it leaves more funds for more crypto gains, then more food, hehe.

I imagine that you are doing well for yourself in Singapore. If this spot isn’t too far from where you stay (I guess it takes like an hour tops to travel across Singapore) let me know if you choose to go. I would love to send you some crypto to pay for your lunch. I know, its not much, but I thought it could be fun and tasty. Let me know what you think and I’ll send you like $20 in Ripple or Doge, hehe. Perhaps you would like to invite some other people interested in ASICs as well. I hope this isn’t an offensive gesture in Asian culture. I did a little bit of research and it seems okay. I get it if you don’t really go for that, hehe. I wish I could just start up a multinational corporation and put us all on salary to help complete our mission. So, this is the least I can do as a token of appreciation.

Happy MLK day from the USA to you :singapore:


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Mining machines are powerful pieces of technology.