Build Your Own ASIC Miner


It sounds like you have a good idea , good connections, and good understanding of how the ASICS can be designed, especially with a computer science background. Many places seem to be sold out of ASICs right now. I am a little bit more interested in investing in cryptocurrencies than I am the miners at this point but I am still waiting on my first ASIC miners to check them out. You make the design sound simple, and they don’t look too complicated. However, it seems that various hardware suppliers are currently out of stock. It is the end of the year so hopefully there is more production soon. I am continuing to explore Chinese hardware vendors on Alibaba. There are ASIC’s on there, but I’m not quite sure how to choose the right ones, or how to program them. I’m a Geographer, somewhat of a computer scientist, but also very noob to this. “ASIC chip board” search on Alibaba shows some cool looking hardware, and there are even some suppliers offering free sample. I would like to know exactly what to get, though. Dissecting and recycling an older faulty ASIC miner would be helpful. I might buy an old S3 after all, but I don’t want to replicate older tech and I want my first D3 miners to get here first,

Do you have any ideas of ASIC chip providers?

I believe that you can do it, man.

I’ve been mostly chilling over the holidays but this is a cool project to be continued, hehe.

It’s cool that people are coming together here to share their ideas and solutions from different sciences.

I hope everyone has been having a good holiday season, and looking forward to a happy new year!


Yes, sir. Maybe when we get some pub ASICs in production we can start a mining pool and mining farm too. It would be cool to have smaller sized mining pools evenly distributed in every continent/nation :slight_smile: Could this help blockchain technology become more efficient?


Wow the knowledge and skillset on the pub is mind blowing. I’m a software developer mainly .NET. I don’t really have the skill set to help the design but I’d love to test a prototype out if you get to this stage.


Hi, I’m from Finland and music industry side, having two patents granted in UK/US. Basically I’m more a propellerhead/inventor but the prototype hardware manufacturer and my current coder are extreme high level specialists. So I perhaps could ask from them some specific things written down and mailed to me.


I like the water cooling idea.
You could pre-heat water going into your house’s hot water cylinder. The savings on your electricity bill would roughly equal the energy usage of the mining rig. Ie zero net energy cost.
The great thing is this cost benefit is not scaleable, and as such will only be useful in a decentralized scenario. Ie. every house in the world has one because they are cheap to buy, and cost nothing to run!


Hello i was on the same research building one i think i will be able to share what i found


and all the info we need to know is just go to s9 antminer they are using xilinx chips Fpda and for boards they are using Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC you can go direct to Xilix and see all the price there


If any one know if that will be any help that’s complete build let me know i am curious to know because i am looking since long time for alternative solutions to mine but asic miners are too expensive
or this one as start:


This has to be done. We can do it. I’m a software guy and entrepreneur. I’m not a hard core developer, but I’m willing to test and help advise on the business end. I’m game for also starting our own mining pool.

Seems to me there are two ways forward to structure this…

  1. Open Source / Creative Commons
  • liability falls on no one
  • better design through many brains
  • can’t get sued if using off-the-shelf components
  • no one profits other than opening the market wider for all
  • can’t patent designs
  1. Small set of people on the forum make an LLC
  • provides fast execution for small team to form and create designs
  • intellectual property is retained and can be patented
  • shares can be issued to people in the LLC
  • Need a lawyer to setup and create some sort of defense strategy
  • Needs money to function

#1 appears to be a great strategy if we know the S9 Antminer is already using a Xlinx off-the-shelf board. Can an existing ASIC be used with a config of helper chips? Or is the core issue that a non-Chinese ASIC needs to be designed?


Posting for reference. All ASIC chips designed thus far for mining…


FYI just noticed this article hasn’t been updated since 2015.


Hey, I live in Orlando, I want to join mining pool, and interested in ASIC production, please let me know !


Today I got an email from Bitmain saying they want me to send them approximately $900 in BTC to a random address BTC, but I originally paid for my D3 ASIC miners in LTC. They say this is to cover the cost to reship my two D3 Antminers that had been shipped earlier than expected, arrived in Alaska (I’m in Florida), they didn’t provide the proper customs paperwork, so the miners got shipped back to China and they had to pay importation tax. Somehow my power units arrived to my house which were in the same order, and different tracking number. The original cost of shipping was around $200. So, $500 tax for reimport to China? I guess 15%… I wasn’t expecting the miners to arrive that early and I didn’t know that I had to provide any more information than I had at time of purchase >< I think it is strange that half of my shipment arrived, and they are trying to charge me an extra fee to reship my miners.

So, I made a request for physical address where I can go and pick up my miners. I guess they already incurred costs, but I don’t think that was my fault, and for $900 I might be able to fly round trip to China. Maybe I can get the hook up on ASICs over there, hehehe.


Wow, that’s insane that they want you to pay for the mistake of sending it to Alaska. Was it your fault it got sent to Alaska?


I know, right? No, I suppose that Alaska was the entry point to the US. The tracking number that they originally emailed me said it was a package delivered to Monterrey, Mexico. So, I had to verify the tracking number with their customer service and they sent me the tracking number that shows a Fedex order arriving in Alaska and then being returned to sender due to lack of customs declaration paperwork. I am supposed to fill that out as an importer, apparently. Its strange how my power units arrived though, but not the miners. I think they did something wrong. I don’t know if I need a Chinese, US. or international attorney but that sounds expensive so I am just trying to negotiate the best solution. I have been conversing with them for over 6 weeks now, very slow response time. Should have should HODL’ed that BTC yoooo, then bought ICX. No more mining! hehehe. I do like the idea of decentralization and consensus with the miners, though.


I just want to say that this thread has the highest google rank for “ASIC Miner” search and a big thanks for giving the confidence to really dig into this.

I have been working on this since I joined the SLACK channel that was started a bit earlier in the thread. Basically, concluded that it takes alot of money and is not really worth it unless you produce chips on the most advanced process nodes from the foundries. Then you have to ramp up volumes high enough to overcome the non-recurring engineering cost of mask-set and other engineering. So we just set that as the goal and have been studying every facet of the product to get a handle on each component with a heavy emphasis on the ASIC design and production.

We have made lots of progress and have been considering multiple funding options and partners to execute the highly specialized and cutting-edge technical work needed make ASIC chips that will be competitive for the next couple of years. Things are lining up very nicely it looks like we may have the technical and production side nailed down. Hope to update soon with plans.


Hi following from italy… I’m.not a big head but wa searching how to build a computing gpu or asicminer… And found this thread… hope to be able to give some help


Hey there, thanks for your input and feedback :slight_smile: I’m happy to hear that y’all too realized how challenging this is, but that it is completely possible with research, collaboration, sourcing, and funding. I will look into joining the SLACK channel as well to collaborate. I feel somewhat jaded with my Bitmain ASICs experience, but it is also highly motivating to create better solutions for the crypto community at large.

Yes, I too have been noticing how this thread has been climbing the google search results, and that is exciting that we are getting more visitors and members who are interested in this dream of a project :smiley: Some say this is impossible, but we must keep dreaming and plugging away at our goal if we truly want it to become realized.

Ideas for considering multiple funding options may include a blockchain design, token sale, partnering with renewable energy providers, renewable energy equipment manufacturers, crypto exchanges, federal grant money, and partnering with other factions of groups who have set out to achieve this goal. Relationships with smaller local banks may help as well if they are interested in utilizing blockchain technology for investment solutions. I like how we are taking this open source approach although an LLC could be highly profitable. In order to organize our open source approach and structure it so that we can have access to more resources like grants, it may be beneficial to form a non-profit organization with multiple operating members. Trust of course is paramount in this idea. So, as we all continue to get to know each other and share ideas, perhaps this may be a future possibility, perhaps with each operating member consisting of individually owned LLC’s. I will have to do a little research to see if this is legal and viable, but I would like to know others’ opinions on this idea.

Bravo, ladies and gentlemen :slight_smile: Happy new year!


Hello Daniele,

Bienvenuto :slight_smile: Glad that you could join us here. What kind of professional background/skills do you enjoy? I have some Italian friends who are philosophers, and Italy seems to be well known for fashion, art, aesthetic product design, branding, and amazing food. Perhaps you would like to be involved with product design and thinking of branding and logos for marketing. I do not want to assume that is your specialization or expertise so it will be good to hear back from you and what you enjoy doing.

Grazie :smiley:


Special shout out to @peter and @john for making this thread and discussion possible :man_scientist:t2::computer::man_scientist:t2: :computer: :8bitcoin::btc::beer::beers::bitrocket: