Build Your Own ASIC Miner


Salut BSquad,

Je suis pas le seul français, c’est cool !
Si t’as vu mon post plus bas, je possède différents codes source d’algorithmes prêt à être installés sur des puces ASIC, les différentes programmations ont été réalisées par des élèves ingénieurs en cryptographie. Mon projet est la création d’une ferme de minage en France, depuis quelques mois je m’était renseigné sur la fabrication de miners car tous ceux qu’on trouve dans le commerce sont en rupture de stock en permanence et sont très cher…
Le présent projet de création de miner est très intéressant surtout s’il y a moyen de fabriquer de bonnes machines avec de bonnes performances ! Est-ce que tu fais parti de leur projet ?



Salut Sitial,

Je fais partie de ce groupe depuis peu.
Je souhaite participer à la mise en œuvre d’un ASIC.
Il y a un groupe « fork » issu de ce blog qui est relativement avancé.
Mais je crois qu’ils fonctionnent de façon privée.
Si j’ai bien compris, leur objectif est de monter un ASIC similaire à celui de Bitmain en assemblant les composants achetés à des coûts largement inférieurs.
C’est une bonne approche.
Surtout s’ils utilisent la dernière puce de 7nm.
A ta dispo pour échanger plus avant.


Voici mon mail : contact (at)


Envoi moi ton mail ou prend le mien afin qu’on puisse échanger sur les codes sources dont je dispose


Welcome @Sitial,

Thanks for joining us here :slight_smile: That is awesome that you have source codes of various algorithms for designing ASIC chips made by crypto engineering students. @nathan has said that some of these codes are available for free. Do these algorithms mine quickly on their current hardware?

That is also great that you are in touch with @BSquad there in France,and perhaps you would like to collaborate with @merismus and Singapore Mining company in Singapore, @Dylan_Maher and company in South Africa, @CvR and company in Austria, @Joseph_Doughty and Space Coast Mining company in Florida, plus join the NodeHaven Slack group. There are many individuals here with hardware design skills as well, so you may wish you find them in our discussion and message them to see if they are interested in collaborating.

We seem to have various different groups at several different stages of development as we have all started the mission and joined the discussion at different times, with varying levels of knowledge, skill, expertise, investment capital, workforce, and experience. This is good, as we will have multiple working products and designs being shared here. I believe that healthy competition is good, while we can also share knowledge for better product development.

There are currently two tokens mentioned here being launched to support two different miner designs. I originally envisioned three different tokens, for varying degrees of miners, so perhaps another token will be born soon. On verra :slight_smile:



Hey @NODEhaven,

I finally joined your Slack group, thanks so much for inviting all of us :slight_smile: There is a great conversation going on there, so I encourage everyone to join. I’m looking forward to seeing your finalized NODE Haven whitepaper and website. I love the name of the company and ideas that are being shared in your Slack channel.

Are you currently collaborating with any of the other companies here for the design of your miners? You have an amazing medium page too. The ideas behind your token and interchangeable board miners are brilliant. I hope the best for your project as well. I’ll be looking forward to your website, whitepaper, miner designs, and ITS.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


Let’s do it for the gamers and their GPU cards :slight_smile:


@Sleuth investment in the United States has to follow certain regulations. There is a SAFT whitepaper that goes into what a fully compliant token sale looks like in the United States.

@FloridaWater Thanks for the encouraging words! We have actively reached out to many of the companies and individuals here. It has been a-lot of fun. I’ve been wanting to do a project like this for a long time and I am glad you’ll were here at the right time in this thread thinking the same thing I was thinking.


Hi can I join to the slack group? I’m interested on this topic, thanks!


Hello @FloridaWater,

Of course I would be happy to collaborate with you, at the moment that everybody find some benefit there. @nathan, Of course any source codes are free because they are programmed by students… But, I am in direct contact with them and I can create with them any design of ASIC chip, with several algo for example on the same ASIC chip, for little money…
Effectivement, je me suis rapproché de BSquad car il est français et connait très bien la programmation, ce qui n’est pas mon domaine !
Nous serions ravis de collaborer avec vous tous :wink:

Thanks :wink:


As Frank Sinatra was singing:

And now, the end is near
And so I face the final curtain
My friend, I’ll say it clear
I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain…

I think, that BITMAINS dominance is ending very soon!

Japanese GMO Internet Group already developed as a milestone successfully a 12 nm Chip and is on the best way to release within first half of 2018 the 7 nm Chip which will revolutionize the miner market!!


Hi @Sitial … dropped you an email on contact[at] systech24[.]com


Hi guys, sorry for the noob question…but how do I initiate a private message on here? :sweat_smile:


Click one someone’s name, and then click “Message”. :slight_smile:


Thank you kind sir much appreciated


Hi All,

Little update, we are still working on the control board, we received the processor from TI (Texas Instrument). We are preparing the boot loader now…


@merismus Is there a place where we can follow the progress like a blog with maybe, schema’s, pictures, status updates? Finding the status in this thread is not the most practical…

I guess that’s a question for all the initiatives discussed here. I think this is a great place to stay in discussion with each other, to share progress, challenges and possible solutions but I also would like (in a more structured way) an overview per initiative. Even closed or limited in access.

In this thread there are most likely a bunch of potential buyers like myself and to be able to follow the progress will build a trust relation which then can convince me (and probably others) to invest in tokens…

Just a thought :wink:


Hi @wfkegel,

Thank you very much for your honest and also great suggestion.
We are a bit stuck at this moment due to Chinese New Year, everything here in Asia comes to an halt.
We are still waiting to get the Hashing Board, The control board is also not ready yet as we just received most components.
Schematics will not be shared initially as we are investing our own money into reverse engineering and we would like to break even before we provide the schematics to the public.
The most expensive anyway will be the Asic Hashing Chip, but nothing that will halt the production.

We will have a private forum for Investors only in the coming coupe of weeks, we will provide videos and pictures of the components and tests we will run so to show our step by step work.


Hi @merismus , do you mind still providing us with your suppliers in Singapore for Asic chips and for the reverse engineering of the hash and controller boards (dylanmaher[at] any one of those would be of great help. As our previous conversation, your sources are a fraction of what we found in Hong kong. We are currently pursing our own development and aren’t looking to compete…(we’re not “trusted/accredited” enough for private messaging on this platform).


Hi Nathan, I’m new one here, glad to read your threads. I’m Tse from Shenzhen, China and we are going to make mining machine by ourselves. want to have some connections with you,thanks.