BTC wallets, coming to all Huawei phones


During a Friday when we have the price falling back below $9k, I thought it would be wise to share this bit of information with you pubsters. This is a pretty huge deal from a fundamental perspective for Bitcoin. Having a Bitcoin wallet pre-installed on every phone distributed by Huawei,the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world, is a pretty big deal for the normalization of Bitcoin globally and will immediately give hundreds of millions of people the ability to receive and send bitcoin with ease.

The effects this will have on network effect should be massive. Instead of having people go out of their way to learn how to download and use a Bitcoin GUI, Huawei will have it pre-installed on all phones, giving people access to the world’s most secure decentralized currency. This is huge. Now, we just need to convince Huawei phone users that hodling bitcoins is in their best interest. The ongoing education of why Bitcoin is important for the massive must never stop. We need to get the Nakamoto Institute translated into as many languages as possible ASAP.

Sure, the wallet will also have bcash as an option, but I’m not worried at all about that because no one uses bcash for anything.


This is awesome to see. Wonder how long until the next iphone has the same.


Lol. Pre-hacked phone with free built-in spyware. I think I’ll buy one and load all Bitcoins on the phone and throw out my Trezor. :rofl:


Give us your private keys, we love you crypto people! :hugs:




all phones worldwide or just US?