#BTC bounce up from here?



Love this support line: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSDT/fmtma3V7-BTC-BTC-support-line/

BTC should bounce up from here and alts will follow…what is your opinion guys?


It’s not available to see pal


trend line as support line: https://twitter.com/CryptoTrading00/status/999343024181133312


I’ve been watching that line as well. Hope it holds!


Your hopes have been answered. It held and now the bounce back has begun. Whoo hoo!




Hey David Hasselhoff wannabe dude, kick that coin in the bits and make it go back to 9k!


bogdanoff only pumps it to then dump on you


Damnit…I was joking around! Goddamn bitcoin


If you break it, you buy it! On the dip.


I think BTC grinds side ways for the rest of the year IMO. Lots of digestion happening from last year. Happy to be wrong but thats just my macro look at it. More of a hunch but price action tends to revert to the mean over time and we got a little ahead of ourselves last year.


I still think we will get another leg down in the next 3/4 days to $6850 :frowning:


Thats fine with me, when i say side ways, im saying staying within some type of larger range but not taking out highs.