BSBC/FinTechGroupInc Office Update


What kind of PSU went out?


Thanks - keep the updates coming. I love working out how to scale more rigs better so will watching your activities with interest. I keep getting the urge to cash out more crypto to buy more mining gear. I still have about 5 spare Mobos, chassis, PSUs, CPU/RAM - just always want more GPUs
To the Moon


It is a Corsair AX1500i. We have 10 in total.


Hey ImaginaryPi!

thanks for all the posts very cool to see the setup!

How much do you think you have invested into all the hardware including hvac you installed?

How quickly were you able to recoup the initial investment and do you feel the return has been worthwhile?

Was the office used solely for the mining or did you have other uses for the space?

There are some opportunities to rent commercial space in my area with the electric costs included, I know noise and cooling would be potential issues.

Thinking of buying a commercial space with a garage area and putting solar panels on it to keep costs low. Any insight you may have would be appreciated.

Total hardware investment would be $10k to start and we would also run GPU’s.

Thanks Justin


If you are looking to start up something similar you will need far more than $10k. Our ROI, when we originally did the calculations, was approximate 1 year. I believe we are still close to that projection or less. I would say that whatever amount you invest into mining hardware is what you can expect per year.

This office is a single office in a group of other offices.

I believe $10k will get you about 1.5 rigs based on current GPU prices. You may want to dive deeper into getting some projections.


Thanks for the info much appreciated!


Not my rigs but someone in another group shared this - was $100k in GPUs


thats rig porn. NSFW


holy shit thats 9 13x rigs. the wire management alone is a work of art. looks like the asrock 13 gpu mobo.


Not gunna lie. That’s sexy as hell.


Yeah sweet - you can see why I had to share it :slight_smile:


Thats a beautiful picture. Wonder if Peter would pick the lambo or the rig :thinking: lol I would take the rig and buying a lambo in 2 years


Look what finally showed up! They gave us a free upgrade too it looks like.

Time to get this bad boy running


Yet another GPU has bit the dust. Another EVGA.


Same model and manufacturer of the last GPU I sent in for warranty replacement. The computer won’t boot with this GPU plugged in. The rig works fine without this GPU. So I’m going through the EVGA warranty process again.

This time I’m not going to plug it into my home computer to watch it blow up my home computer. I’m just going to let EVGA handle it.


This question comes from a total ingnorant position. I know nothing about this. I was thinking about the cooling and could you set up a heater core type situation like a car? Where you blow the hot air through a radiator that is cooled by Freon or whatever they use now? Then you direct back on the units.


This new version of Windows 10 (1709) is a real pain in the neck! There are multiple miners and gamers who are complaining about it! It has really caused problems in the FinTech office with the mining rigs.

I’m also going to blame version 1709 for my dead SSD!


Thanks for sharing. Nice setup.

Question: What is the top end of your electric service and what is next step?

Picture of one of the experimental setups from our team.

I attempted to upload a bunch of pictures of our various experiments but new user only is allowed one.

Electric service now is our limitation. We are at the point that to scale now we need to be near transmission lines with substations that have capacity. We have been looking at 3 to 10 Megawatt locations. These are considered too small for the big players but perfect for pools of individual looking to get in on low cost power and inexpensive industrial leases.

Our research shows that old industrial locations with high load capacity that have been shut down in rural locations are often overlooked. The lease rate for these locations can be from $2 to $10 USD per square foot per year. Comes out to like 12 hours hash per rig per year to cover rent.

Attached would be pictures off now retired light industrial locations that have 5 cent to 6 cent power with 3 to 10 Megawatt Service. Perhaps in the next post… :slight_smile: I have met my limit of one picture.

We have found around 200 megawatt of capacity in locations like this in the Carolinas where electricity rates over 2 Megawatt are very competitive.

Would welcome a discussion on grid load capacity management and leveraging these existing locations. Locations like these typically have far more space then the electric service even that several megawatts can serve.

When you look at adding additional megawatt sized chunks of power you step up from distribution load to transmission load capacity. Substation transformer step-down is expensive and takes time.

Distributed mining or scaling load becomes the question.




Wow. We have not scaled to the point at which we would need to look into all of that.


Be careful of Windows 10 - 1803 as it originally caused big issues with Toshiba and Intel SSD’s. There is now a patch out to fix.


Yea, that 1803 killed my computer