BSBC/FinTechGroupInc Office Update


It’s been a little over a month since @peter gave you guys a sneak peak into the BSBC/FinTechGroupInc office. If you missed it, here it is:

I’ve been chugging along getting mining rigs setup and managing the heat in the office. I want to share with all of you how the office came about and an update on where we are.

After running a test rig for 6 weeks, Peter and I decided it was time to tackle the next obstacle…scaling. We wanted to know what it would take to manage an office of mining rigs. We knew that having 6+ mining rigs in one’s house would become inconvenient due to heat and noise. So we embarked on getting setup in an office. We decided that the initial build would be 10 mining rigs to 12 mining rigs. This meant we had to upgrade the electricity in our office. We had a certified electrician install 12 outlets in the room, each on its own 20amp break with 12 awg wiring.

As I was building the mining rigs I was adding GPUs slowly as I didn’t want to increase the temperature of the room too fast and have cooling issues. Our office is in an office suite and each office within the office suite is rented out to different tenants. So I had to consider the other tenants comfort as well. I ran a 15,000 BTU portable air conditioner in the room and ran the exhaust into the attic. Once I built out to 18 GPUs, things started to change in the office suite. The doors to the office started to stick, the air in the hallway started to feel humid. The back rooms were getting very cold due to the AC constantly running. So Peter and I had to make a decision. We had to install our own AC unit.

I had mechanical engineers do heat calculations to determine what size AC unit we needed to have installed in the office. We had a 3.5 ton AC unit installed in our office. The office was already small and now felt even smaller with this in it. We now had another electrical expense to factor in against our profits. So now there was no reason to build slow, I knew that I had enough cooling to go all the way.

We are currently at 9 mining rigs. 7 rigs are completely built out with 6 GPUs and 2 rigs are about half way done with 2 more rigs on deck.

Calm your OCD. I know the wires are not pretty and neat.

Peter and I will keep you updated on the progress of the office and let you know of any issues we are having. We want to inform all of you so that you can make better inform decisions.

Ask questions, we want you all to WIN!

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So much win! We miners for life!


You know what would be really cool? Ethylene glycol running through your rigs in to a heat pump, that way you can generate free heating to your neighboors :slight_smile:


Looks awesome. you should check out how grow ops move heat, they are pro’s at it. I would watch a few vids on how to move air, cooling is one thing, but moving air is more important. If you are just trying to cool the room you will have moisture/mold problems. That is prob why your doors are getting messed up. You want to cool the floor and draw from the top, not cool the top. Get that draft going, prob want to force that a/c in through one end onto the floor and draw the heat out the other end, just blowing a/c in the room is ok, but not efficient at all. Try to create some pressure so the room is always being emptied and drawing fresh air in.
If you need some help let me know.

my 2 satoshis worth…


The humidity problem has been solved by us putting the pictured unit in. That is no longer a problem. I am currently working on a solution for moving the cold air from the top down to the bottom. I may do this once I have built out all the rigs because there is not much room between the desk and the rigs. Once everything is built, I can put an air duct along to front bottom of the rigs and registers. Thanks for the helpful tips!

Keep in mind, all of this is a work in progress and I will be updating this topic as we progress.


Ya cause if you dont move the air out you will just get mold, hot and cold meet, it makes rain lol

Get 2 6-8 inch inline fans, they use low power and can move air like mad, and they are cheap.
something like this

just one on top at the hot end to draw the heat, use the other near the a/c to shoot it on the floor. they only use 80 watts or something and are very quiet.

another good idea is a hot side cold side, it works awesome if you have the room. It is all about moving air, the smaller the hot spot the easier it is to remove it.
Sotra like this one.

looks great so far, plan ahead so you dont have to move everything lol

my 2 satoshis worth…



@ImaginaryPi @peter awesome work there. @peter for some days now, its been ringing in my head about how hard could it be to setup an exchange like coinbase. Lots of people are having problems buying BTC , LTC due to their geographic locations.

Maybe you could consider that , unless of course you don’t plan on selling part of what you mine .


Rigs 8 and 9 are fully loaded now.

Unfortunately Irma has arrived in GA, so we must power down for the storm.


We may be able to consider something… that’s actually not a bad idea.
Using our rigs as a mechanism to help others get into BTC?.. could get super complicated and sticky for (us)… hmmm shall think on it.

Mining Pics - I want to see what everyone's mining with!

Irma is gone. Rigs back online. Pressing onward to complete the last two rigs!

Starting a farm, what to build or get?

This is the shiznit. I love it.


The build is complete. 11 rigs in total.


This is wonderful! Yo. So much sexuality!


Are you running those rigs in Windows or Linux? If you’re in Linux and you’re having an issue getting them headless (boot up and start mining/overclocked without having to log in etc… let me know.


Well everyone, we got our first electric bill after installing the AC unit. Let me tell you…not as high as we anticipated. We expected our electric bill to be around $1200. It was $850. The AC unit is doing GREAT! We are keeping the GPUs cool, and making tons of profit. We are entering into cooler days now which means I can set the AC to come on at a higher temp.

The AC unit is currently running nearly all day. The air filters have to be changes out once a month.

Profitability is on a slight decline. More information and possibly a video on this later.


I want…



It’s been a while since I’ve updated everyone on the office status.

We have entered into the winter months and our electrical costs per kWh has decreased. We are mining with profitability in line or better than what we have projected. The flexibility in GPU mining has allowed us to jump from coin to coin and keep our profitability up. This has allowed our ROI to remain relatively the same if not better.

The air conditioning unit is still running 95% of the time, cranking in cold air. The AC unit will turn off occasionally, as programmed, and the room starts to warm up.

The landlord was worried about the noise coming from the room but said that no one has complained about the noise.

I hope to bring you guys some videos from the office on my YouTube Channel BiteSizeMining very soon. The noise in the room presents a problem for recording.


Office Update

I noticed that our hash power was lower than normal yesterday so I went to check it out. Turns out two of our rigs were down. One that I refer to as our first born. Our first born is the first rig I built for Peter and we have been running it since March. It is a troublesome little bugger as seen here on the first day I moved it to Peter’s house.

Peter was messing with the cool “Eject” Button which was actually the power switch. It hasn’t been right since :slight_smile:
I got it back up and running.

The second issue was with our 7th rig. The PSU has an indicator LED. Green is good, red is bad. The red light was on. Ran the recommended tests on it to see if it was the power supply or something else. Turns out it was the power supply. Currently working on the warranty claim as it has a 10 year manufacturer warranty. Meanwhile, as we wait for a new PSU, I’ll more than likely be moving the GPUs over to other rigs that have the space.

Fun times in the office.


Thanks for letting us know!