Bringing the Pub to the Camden's Head in the United Kingdom. Meeting at the YouTube Space First!



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ahahah, that’s cool man if you don’t get the green light I’ll understand! I am SE10, quite far from you - let’s find somewhere in the middle?


As long as I don’t have to work the bloody things :stuck_out_tongue: - and preferably stay out of frame (PTSD from too much shooting :smiley: ) , I’m good with putting it up for use… :smiley:

My close friend is actually a cameraman and editor for tv as well, and I can say with some sense of certainty he’d be down, as long as he got basic expenses covered


Vertcoin is my greenlight this week :stuck_out_tongue: hahaha
Naa, no worries man - she’ll be good with it, as long as it doesn’t end up being an all-nighter without us inviting her along :smiley:

Sounds good to me - So… Brixton area sort of thing, I guess?
Unless you just want to go the easy route, and meet around Waterloo somewhere - that’s like 20-30 minutes for me…


So it’s a no for the Audience Participation Murder Mystery Play?

However, I think we already have a strong candidate for who deals with the authorities the next day.


Not necessarily bro, once we decide whether we attend an event or decide on our venue, which it looks as if we will be conducting a poll for us to decide on a venue, rather than an event from results thus far, we can include whether we want to attend a themed night, or go to nights such as you suggested


Hello everyone ! :slight_smile:

So we have two polls currently running within the UK section, please head over to them and input your choice so we can take this further :slight_smile:

We doing this people, we going strong!

A poll on whether we attend an event, or decide a venue for ourselves,


Brixton sounds good! lets confirm time and place in the next couple of days :wink:


Defo - sounds sweet… we’ll keep in touch, and talk more when I’ve touched down and gotten settled in for the weekend :wink:

Have a good one till then :slight_smile:


@peter’s next purchase needs to be a Bitcoin Private Jet so he can get his butt across the pond to our UK meetup!


That’s great. Can’t wait


hey guys, I would love to come to a bitcoin meet up. I Live in London and just joined this community !!


Thanks @PaulAnthony I’m putting things together and what I believe soon We will have acces to few hotels in UK. What I mean by that is, My hotel is own as a franchise and few others by one family. If they will agree in theirs hotels will be option to pay by Bitcoin. If all would hit my mark, we will get good deals for bouth sides and accces to hotel in london swiss cottage. We could have backup, becouse hotel will accept technology and do something like BNI as PUB.


Sure mate. With pleasure


Hi Paul, Thank you. Must admit that i am new to this platform also…


For that one, I would also just keep an eye on the Monese card provider…
I use their service for my UK account, since I’m not a registered or permanent resident there, as such, it’s basically the only way for me to have one.

Used their card a few months ago, to buy on Coinbase - not a problem… Tried again about 2 weeks ago, and the transaction got denied - plenty of funds in the account, no problems using it anywhere else - so tried again - and same thing…

Contacted their customer service, and this what they said:


What Peter gave us is powerfull marketing tool.
So many of them…
In UK we have many opportunites, a lot room to grow.


Hey @mr.dav - how about somewhere around here?
I’d really like to try out an ATM, and figured it could be the perfect opportunity… :smiley:


and of course (speaking for myself) - I’d be happy for anyone nearby to join us for a pint… :slight_smile:


Hello Brothers and Sisters!!

Hope we are all doing well. Damn this UK thread is booming, and so many people offering help and support to make this work!! So much love!

So anyway guys, I just love that so many people are keen and eager to meet up before we agree upon a date for next year.

It looks like a lot of mini meet-ups are on the cards, and this is just fantastic!

So to keep this thread relevant to the big meet-up, without too many sub-discussions and others meet-ups conflicting and blurring what details pertain to what meet-up; I am going to create a ‘Mini meet-up’ thread in the UK topic

Please use that thread to discuss any meet ups to be arranged that are seperate from this one.

Thank you :0


yep let’s do it I am curious to see the ATM too! feel free to join us guys, the more the merrier!