Bringing the Pub to the Camden's Head in the United Kingdom. Meeting at the YouTube Space First!



I think if we have the provisional hotel @gabriel suggested for a meeting point, maybe conference room, and then move on to pubs, bars, restaurants AND then; regarding accommodation :

The easiest way forward I believe for accommodation is to individually source it yourself

Because numbers could change, people might not pay, etc.

So I want to avoid group booking for accommodation

But I do still want 2 or 3 more venues so we have a little bit of a choice


Agreed - group booking will be a shot in the foot… :slight_smile:
More thinking, that if we have a corporate rate, or a employee discount that we can offer without ensuring numbers - we should definitely leverage that, at that hotel - and let people take advantage if they want…
But only if it’s a no effort thing, which corporate rates should be at least :wink:

So I just need to know if @gabriel or me can get the best rate, through whatever channels we have at our disposal :slight_smile:

And yea - I’d prefer to have the actual meetup somewhere a little less sterile than a closed conference room, to be honest - for atmosphere, and to have the opportunity for walk-ins as well


Right, so @gabriel good spot, and great if you can get us discount for staying the night. It looks good, and is located nicely.

I do however want you and @CryptoS17 to provide a few more venues for the attendees,

@CryptoS17 I respect you brother for discussing corporate discount, etc however; this is the first meet, and we will not have massive numbers to really justify the extra work in narrowing down margins of cost.

Also, I do not want us to put off potential attendees and decide on just one place without being able to select from a few, for the sake of saving a bit of money.

So, the plan is, I would kindly like to see at least 3 venues we can look at.

Do not worry if you can not secure us any special deal, I just want some variety for the users to pick from.

So, Action plan:

Provide 3 different venues with links, and a short description, and anything else you see fit to add


I’m literally just talking about letting people book their own, and being able to shave some of that cost off, IF they pre-book on their own backs - I’m not about to pin my employers corporate deals on the hopes of people I never met showing up :wink:

So basically I’ll just find out how much of a discount I can offer if people decide to book their own at that hotel, and if they do, they’ll get a discount code or whatever - not sure how the BW partnerships work, I’ll just have to check on that :slight_smile:

So I’ll start looking for a venue close to the aformentioned hotel, as well as 2 more randomly centered around the transport hubs, so if @gabriel does the same, we should be left with a decent 4-6 venue pool to narrow from, from that :slight_smile:


That would be awesome dude.

Exactly the path forward to finally ironing out these details.

Good man


Little update Guys,

We are making amazing progress and narrowing down the details, we have established some core factors which leaves us with the following:

We will be deciding upon 3-6 venues in London, this will be THE FINAL POLL, so when the links go live for the venues, have a read up, see what you think, and then vote on that bad boy.

I expect by tomorrow to have a choice of venues from which to pick from.

Much love


I’ll bring cake :joy:


@gabriel @CryptoS17

What is good my brothers, have we found some links to post for tonight?


Just finishing up the daily grind at the office, so I’ll have to look around a bit in a few, when I get back home and go through address book :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you “posted” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My maaaaaaaan!!!

I like it brother. I want to post the choices tonight.

If you struggle let me know, and i will find some too.

Poll goes live tonight


Hey my man. How many details do you want me and @CryptoS17 to provide? I am watching now those coworkers places and I’m wondering if it’s if it’s ok?


Co workers place, confused mate?


Yes I’m. Probably lack of language is barier.


Sorry brother, i am struggling to work out what you was originally asking?


I have the same bro. I don’t know what you want me to do. How you see those venues will look like?
Give me a command.


I simply do not care how the venues look, but lets have some atmosphere, something quirky, anything!!

Literally just some venues whether it is a bar, pub, restaurant, niche outlet.

What I want is at least 3 venues from you, and @CryptoS17


I can arange one in the place I’m. Even next tuesday, but you said London only so quiet far to be on all of them.


ALL i need, is 3 venues so i can conduct a poll, and 3 from @CryptoS17

Do not worry about booking, price, etc as that is something i will do.

I just want you two to scout some venues tonight, a quick google search, it takes 30 minutes.


Camden: (attended a few jams, and have a direct connection, but no leverage)
Awesome little venue tho’ and very open to any kind of events.

Nice little pub, AWESOME grub, and a small capacity, separate room for presentations…

A great alt rock / stand-up venue, with a real rough cut look, but GREAT atmosphere and separate social room as well

Turns out I left my “rollerdex” in my other apartment, so this is just of the top of my head.

All 3 venues are 15-30 minutes away from Waterloo/victoria, and very easy to find.
Camden is £5-10 with an Uber from Victoria or Waterloo.
Kingston is £15-20 from Victoria or Waterloo with an uber, or there’s a direct train from waterloo.

Kingston and Camden is RIPE with options really, but it’s maybe not ideal for outsiders coming in…

I can find something more central if that’s what we want/need, but I won’t be able to spot those, until I get my hands on my books :slight_smile:


This is perfect my brother.

Listen guys, I am no longer interested in getting a ‘good deal’, forgot the contacts, forget the corporate discount.

Lets just get some venues, that is all i want