Bringing the Pub to the Camden's Head in the United Kingdom. Meeting at the YouTube Space First!



Yes. Yes. And thrice yes.


Three YES’, i am through to the next round of bit-factor! whoop


Hello everyone, hope we are well!

So pretty much all of you voted, so we got some serious interest going on, love it!

The majority have spoken.

Our hosting venue will be: London.

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Right guys, the next step to really getting this bad boy in motion is, what month and then, we pick the venue.

The reason I say month first is because venues will have different rates, opening times,etc according to the time of year. SO I WILL make a poll in this thread, leave it here for today, and then move externally until it is collated


The main holiday periods should be avoided for sure, otherwise the prices will be high…


I voted January, but only because it’s the soonest. I’m in London so happy for whatever works for the majority.


I am in London too, I voted February because generally business is slow in that month, which means a potentially good deal can be reached.


I agree, however, the poll will decide mate.


I feel your passion. I would have it tomorrow if I could lmao


yea for sure, Sounds good!


If I’m gonna be of any help at the actual event, march is a no-go for me personally - other than that I’m good :slight_smile:


No worries mate, either way, there will be at least one person who may not be able to attend for whatever reason, but this is the best way to accommodate for everyone.


Agreed :slight_smile:


Great job whoever is organising this, I voted Feb cos it seems less busy for me. Of course im up for any weekend im free


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Right brothers and sisters, head over to the poll and vote! :slight_smile:


It sounds like this a dig at me because I said it could be expensive, London is expensive and I was trying to say we could get a similar place/venue cheaper out of London.

Maybe not for you but price will be a factor for most people, you can’t expect people to travel 200 miles to have a few pints in a social room above a pub


Wasn’t a dig, mate. And expense is most certainly an issue for me and I’d be travelling 150 odd miles myself. Also, a hotel in London WOULD be expensive though there are options that may not be.

So, not a dig.


Right guys, I have been away for two days with Pneumonia and it has wiped me out!!

Hopefully no bloody more disruptions.

Right guys, everyone can vent and voice their opinion, just do not direct it in a way that might cause conflict,

A lot of effort is going into this thread, and the meet, and I WILL NOT HAVE users engaging in rhetoric.

How can we organise a meet up, if certain members are acting like children. Come on guys, lets sort this out seriously.

I have a few days out, and the people who wanted to help and support have gone quiet.

SO I either arrange this alone, or i have my brothers helping me as planned.

Lets do this, BTC is mooning, we are in the best pub in the world, lets fucking make progress.



Guys, on the last poll we had 28 voters, we do not have near that number with this, the poll closes in 12 hours. Please vote