Bringing the Pub to the Camden's Head in the United Kingdom. Meeting at the YouTube Space First!



It should absolutely be an option, yeah. Multiple options. I’m just thinking out loud and reasoning as to why having a satellite town option is of little value next to London v any other major city.


You have more knowledge of the area than I do I’m just throwing things out there. For example Gabriel has a hotel that looks brilliant and I dont think we should just dismiss it because it is in carrdiff, if you get what I mean


I definitely wouldn’t dismiss that. I live in Cardiff. That hotel is in Bridgend though. Which is Reading to Cardiff’s London.


Some good ideas, opinions and discussion guys.

I do agree with @PaulAnthony and from the outset of starting this thread, my intent was always to have a general consensus with no executive decisions made, that is the only executive decision i made from the start, and that was to ensure EVERYONE decides, and not one single person.

So, the next poll everyone, and please vote when it goes live, is to ascertain where we want to host the event.

@PaulAnthony would you mind setting up the poll later on, and I will look at the map now, and pick the cities that are centralised to the different members.

I agree, it would be nice to have a meet in a rural, and not so busy setting, but realistically we are facing a big task, so I believe a city will be more accessible.


I appreciate your help and support brother, but all decisions need to come from a consensus, and as much as London appears to be the winner, we can only speculate.

So let us throw it out to the Brothers and Sisters, and the results will be indicative of what the gang wants.


It would be good to have another skype, maybe with @PaulAnthony and @gabriel if he wants to team up with you.


I agree with this. But, we do need to vote. In all fairness, Birmingham is the main central point from the map, it is just that London has the biggest user base. However, we do have members way up north, and way down south.

So we will do a poll.

I think you are secretly Gareth Gates :wink:


In that case - I have hook ups in Camden, Kingston, and Brixton…

Camden would probably make the best spot if we’re outside central, since Imagine more people will be travelling from the south than the north, to get to London.

What do you reckon?


Let’s do the poll first brother.

I love your enthusiasm, so strong, so sensual!!


Nice 1

Birmingham is up for grabs to :wink:

If people are travelling there, and don’t mind an extra hour to Hereford - I have great contacts there, for both venue and a hotel, and there we could basically take over a pub and run it for a day ;D hahaha

But that’s a stretch, but hey - maybe that’s really what we want for the most dedicated ones to show up for the first meet.
We could do a bus from Birmingham or something.

Poll time! ;D


I’m getting really into this - gotta admit - gotta be careful not to let my day to day suffer at this point :smiley:

But yea - I’m just stream of consciousnessing - so definitely add and subtract whatever you want from that stream, because it does get out of hand sometimes :smiley: hahaha


I dont think we can just do a poll on location, I think we need the exact venues.

For example there could be Gabriel’s location in Cardiff and say the rooms are £70 per night and the conference room is £100 to use. This place has a pool and spar

I have no idea what actual costs are just an example

Then a London. Hotel could cost £200 per night and £400for a conference room.

If you understand where I’m coming from.

Maybe get most of the venues In london and the odd few around different places.


much love


I would prefer we do a poll on city first, because looking at the map, so many people from the north would need to travel a big distance.

And going with London without a Poll would only be to satisfy the turn out of numbers, which might neglect the users further afield.

So I would like a poll, as this is the fair approach


I think a poll to decide on these cities:



Depending on location, someone (me, you, gabriel, whoever) might be able to bring those costs down - so it’s more a question of, are we basing it on cost or location, and then work the one out from the other…

Tell me to shut up if I’m just blabbering :smiley:


Cost for me is bigger than location as I do t have a lot of spare cash I have 3 kids and I’m self employed so I can’t be spending a shit load but this is not about me it’s about everybody and you all might be weathy entrepreneurs haha.

What I’m saying @unitedwestand17 voting on location without any specific details of venue is very vague and people will just vote for the place closest. If there is an awesome hotel with a good price and facilities then people will be more willing to travel.

for example we haven’t even put in Cardiff as a choice when we have a someone on the inside who can get us a good deal.


But we also have a member in Scotland and Cornwall. Deciding on a venue, without location preference won’t allow us to really dig into good venues and capitalise on those who have good connections.

We need to identify a location based on what the users want, and not necessarily a location because we can secure a good deal.

If pricing is really an issue I will pay for everyone, but we do need a poll, and the list of cities i mentioned was a rough list, so I will add Cardiff to it as well.

But at present, the aim is to centralise a location, then we can do a venue.

So, either I can do a poll, or you can mate.

I think cost will be a deciding factor for most, but if we specifically pick a location to bring cost down, we will be neglecting others who can not attend due to travelling.

So a poll on location.


You always seem to amaze me. Pay for everyone :scream: You are a very generous person, I wouldn’t let you pay, I’m just saying I do t want to be spending like £500 for one night in London. You do the poll later then if we get it done as soon as then I think it will also be a good idea to start putting venues on here so we can take a look at prices and facilities.



If i pay for everyone, you will be on a budget of £3.50 each lmfao!!

I will do the poll.


Bit stuck on how to do the poll, it doesn’t provide me with the option to title the poll, then inset the options?

LMAO, so much thickness