Bringing the Pub to the Camden's Head in the United Kingdom. Meeting at the YouTube Space First!



What is good guys!

So the poll has concluded with the majority of users voting however; it can be re-opened if the demand is there. Either way, it appears a general consensus indicates that, WE, would prefer to host our own event at a venue/hotel.

I equally think this is a good choice, and leads us on to the next step.

@gabriel @CryptoS17 - It seems the people want to host in a venue/hotel, so now would be a good time to pull out those contacts/knowledge/kudos and identify and scout some good venues which we can then all vote upon with informed decision making. Maybe provide literature, website links, etc if you can so as to help us decide what we would like.

From the Pub Map, London will be the hosting City, so venues/hotels within London, preferably central so as to access from main transportation lines, will be an absolute must.

It would be good for you two to liaise, and then relay back to myself and Paul.

If at any point you can not, or have other commitments, which may impact upon the planning of this please let me know :slight_smile:

There is no pressure or hard feelings if you wish to take a step back.


I did initially think this, but a general consensus seemed to grow on willingness to travel.

But I agree, lets do a poll!!

Wanna start it?


Oh it’s all about Paul Paul and his little local pub, LMAO!! Joking Brother.

Yeah we do need to get some suggestions for our venue, whether it be a hotel or not. Will people stay over night? A lot to plan.

But this is why I @CryptoS17 @gabriel as they were both keen to assist in locating venues.

So I guess to retrace slightly, let’s do a poll on what county/district to hold the meet. Either way, we need to consider transport routes and ease of access.


Let’s just get a 20-man tent. SOLVED


Cool, I just touched down last night when @peter went live with the mcaffee thing - don’t even want to think how much that ate of my roaming :smiley:

Apparently I can’t buy through Coinbase now, f***ing CoinBase!!!

Opened it last night and suddenly I’m not verified anymore - BASTARDS - never even told me before they did it, and their shitty app is looping when I try to verify myself again!

So its a good opportunity to do my weekly CDA. :smiley:


I’m stille down for doing whatever I can for this meet-up for sure :slight_smile:

Other than area of london needing to be determined.

Is there a level of “swank” we should aim for…?
Are we looking for more something local water-hole’ish with a function room, or something more la-di-da :smiley:

Or just shoot for the moon and see where we land? ;D

I guess, realistically - we should be expecting 10-50 attendees at max?


I think London sort of HAS to be the local for the main meet-up… just for anyone (I might not be the only one, interested in attending from outside UK) - yea, we can fly to Birmingham, Newcastle or something else, but then the cost goes WAY up for us - I don’t mind travelling outside london for a meet, but I have a base here, so I can take a breather and whatever, before heading out on another leg of a journey…

Meet-ups could be arranged separately for some of the hub cities I feel, but London is just… yea, London… :smiley:

I see the best result overall coming from a meet-up somewhere in the city.

My 2 cents :slight_smile:


It might be cheaper but London is London and Slough is Slough. The price of getting into satellite towns is possibly around the same or even more if you have to go into Paddington / Victoria and back out again to some dive like Reading or Watford. The greatest concentration of possible attendees would be in London and invites the greatest possibility of ‘floating support’, mates of mates. And, like I said, London is London, it’s fantastic for venues and a night out. Even booking the upstairs room in a pub called The Dagger in Hackney is preferable to the drab environs offered by some Travel Lodge on the outskirts of Luton.

I think that’s a major city-centric observation though. I feel that there are similar options available in Brum or Manchester. Cardiff is a fantastic city for a night out too. But, we won’t get the numbers that we would in London, I’m fairly convinced of that.


It should absolutely be an option, yeah. Multiple options. I’m just thinking out loud and reasoning as to why having a satellite town option is of little value next to London v any other major city.


I definitely wouldn’t dismiss that. I live in Cardiff. That hotel is in Bridgend though. Which is Reading to Cardiff’s London.


Some good ideas, opinions and discussion guys.

I do agree with @PaulAnthony and from the outset of starting this thread, my intent was always to have a general consensus with no executive decisions made, that is the only executive decision i made from the start, and that was to ensure EVERYONE decides, and not one single person.

So, the next poll everyone, and please vote when it goes live, is to ascertain where we want to host the event.

@PaulAnthony would you mind setting up the poll later on, and I will look at the map now, and pick the cities that are centralised to the different members.

I agree, it would be nice to have a meet in a rural, and not so busy setting, but realistically we are facing a big task, so I believe a city will be more accessible.


I appreciate your help and support brother, but all decisions need to come from a consensus, and as much as London appears to be the winner, we can only speculate.

So let us throw it out to the Brothers and Sisters, and the results will be indicative of what the gang wants.


It would be good to have another skype, maybe with @PaulAnthony and @gabriel if he wants to team up with you.


I agree with this. But, we do need to vote. In all fairness, Birmingham is the main central point from the map, it is just that London has the biggest user base. However, we do have members way up north, and way down south.

So we will do a poll.

I think you are secretly Gareth Gates :wink:


In that case - I have hook ups in Camden, Kingston, and Brixton…

Camden would probably make the best spot if we’re outside central, since Imagine more people will be travelling from the south than the north, to get to London.

What do you reckon?


Let’s do the poll first brother.

I love your enthusiasm, so strong, so sensual!!


Nice 1

Birmingham is up for grabs to :wink:

If people are travelling there, and don’t mind an extra hour to Hereford - I have great contacts there, for both venue and a hotel, and there we could basically take over a pub and run it for a day ;D hahaha

But that’s a stretch, but hey - maybe that’s really what we want for the most dedicated ones to show up for the first meet.
We could do a bus from Birmingham or something.

Poll time! ;D


I’m getting really into this - gotta admit - gotta be careful not to let my day to day suffer at this point :smiley:

But yea - I’m just stream of consciousnessing - so definitely add and subtract whatever you want from that stream, because it does get out of hand sometimes :smiley: hahaha


much love


I would prefer we do a poll on city first, because looking at the map, so many people from the north would need to travel a big distance.

And going with London without a Poll would only be to satisfy the turn out of numbers, which might neglect the users further afield.

So I would like a poll, as this is the fair approach


I think a poll to decide on these cities: