Brazilian Cryptonation!


Brazilian, living in brazil.
Brazilianing since birth.
getting too old to hue :~


this topic is just to introduce ourselves or talk about stuff ?

theres some weird stuff happening in brazil that are cripto related, like:
-CVM(brazilian fiat guys) banning funds from investing in criptos alows anyone (brazilian or not) to invest in brazilian real state using bitcoin

also, i know very few cripto related news and content providers from brazil.
alsoo, should i be writing in english ? i guess the ones that don’t speak english isn’t here right ? i feel like im some kind of secret society when im speaking english surrounded by brazilians that speak only portuguese.


Hello Guys,

One more Brazilian here. I live in São Paulo and just started investing in crypto. I’ve known for some time but only now I had the courage.

I bought BTC, ETH, LTC, XMR and some other from and transfer to binance to buy some altcoins.