Brazilian Cryptonation!


Mercado Bitcoin is a good exchange, but their fees are too high. The best one to converto from BTC to FIAT is Their website looks dated as fuck, but they are very good and support is always on time. is also good, tho the fees are higher than walltime. is the biggest one in here (volume wise), but they take too long to process fiat withdrawals


I like Caipirinha does that count?


From Santo André - São Paulo - Brazil here \o/ HU3 BR FTW! :smiley:


Caipirinha during Carnaval is dangerous :smiley:


Brazilian here fellas! Mercadobitcoin is a great service, I think the problem is that we are having a large influx of new people buying btc and they don’t look at the usd/real rate to see how expensive it is. I do the math to buy ltc/bcash/btc based on this rate, and afterwards convert to whatever I want. It sucks to pay all those rates when you’re buying really small amounts like I do but so far I managed to recover by doing some swing (dangerous) trades before hodling.


One more here! From São Paulo


Hey, guys.
Where can I find, in Brazil, good material about crypto? YouTube channels, sites, etc???


I like Bitcointoyou. Its a good exchange imo.


i´ve found nothing good so far. Most of the good channels/materials are in english. Most of the brazilian material is dated or don´t know what the fuck they are talking about.


Thats what I thought.
Thanks, CryptoDan.


15% Spread on Brazilian exchanges today according to It is increasing every day.
It’s the “Cost Brazil” guys.


It sucks…
Even BTC is not safe from “Custo Brasil”.


Hey guys another fellow from Brazil just registered to the pub, let’s go to the moon guys, any good brokers here?The ones I found are selling bitcoins for 62k BRL(18,787 USD). Also want to invest in some alt coins, there are some good ideas out there.


Welcome to the crew!


Thanks peter, been watching your videos the whole week, learned a lot with your videos, still a lot to learn, finally created the balls to invest in bitcoin, silly me I almost bought some in beginning of the year, now I can’t even afford one :frowning:


All good! Never too late!


I’m a child of Brazilian immigrants (Dad= Belo-Horizonte, Mom= Feira De Santana) and Married to a Mineiro from BH. Do I Pass?



Welcome welcome! Let’s grow Brazil!


You’re more brazilian than me, so yes haha


Brazilian, living in Texas since 2016.

Good to meet you all.