Brazilian Cryptonation!


Sup guys, anyone else from Brazil??


Yeap Brother, what’s up?


Nice to see a fellow brazilian in here! Let´s see if we can get some more in! I see you live in Montreal right? Lucky you!! Brazilian exchanges are pricing BTC at almost 20% more compared to usd price. It´s going insane in the last couple of weeks!!


Brazilian here living in the Bay Area of San Francisco for about 17 years.


Any strategies to cash in on that difference?


In between Reais (Brazilian currency) and BTC? I don’t see it…

I doubt… Brazilians always loose when we talk about money :frowning: To buy BTC in Brasil you pay even more than people in US pays… Not fair game over for small fish over there.


Somo people try to send money to trustworthy friends/family living abroad, so they buy the BTC and send it back to Brazil to be sold for profit.
Yesterday, near ATH, bitcoin price here in Brazil was near 6200 usd.

The biggest problem is sending FIAT to people abroad without getting the attention from the IRS.


brazilian here living in amsterdam :slight_smile:
just started into the crypto world a week ago!


What about Transferwise??


Brazilians always trying to make an easy profit under any circumstance… :frowning_face:


What’s up! One more from Brazil haha


We gots to have more people from Brazil for sure!


Fo Shizzle! SĂŁo Paulo here!



From SĂŁo Paulo, Brazil but moved to Atlanta, GA about 15 years ago.


New brazilian here! Yooo!!!


Yoooo! welcome Newton!


What’s the best exchange to use for people living in Brazil? or something else? ( Doing research for a friend in USA who has family in Brazil and wants to be able to help send money to family when needed.)


Maybe this one…


Thanks for the link. I’ll have to check this out


it looks similar to coinbase but in Brasil. I never used it but it may be the biggest exchange there.