Brand new Art series, 'Quantum Leap', featuring Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, NEO, and Monero


Brand new art series is here, this is ‘Quantum Leap’, hope you all enjoy it!

Available on print (limited to 50), canvas (limited to 50), and metal panel (limited to 10).

Link for purchasing:

The website directly accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies as well :slight_smile:


Nice shop you got there :+1::ok_hand:


Niceee work! :smile: #cryptoart


@lynxartcollection is this your art? Did you create it?


@RVN3i Yes indeed. We had done some space posters several years ago and I reworked several of those to make them crypto-related. They are my art, all original content.


Thanks frank that’s awesome.! When it’s up and running we will send you a link over to have a look at the site. One idea we think we are going to go ahead with is a section called art of the week or art of the day and do a large piece with a description.


that’s awesome! sounds great, thank you . I look forward to seeing it.

and yeah the art of the day / art of the week would be really cool!