Bot Trading on Bittrex


I hate bot trading. It makes a very messy order book.
I personally think it’s for cowards only.

Is there an Exchange that does not allow this?

ps: Bittrex is still ok though but the worst trading platform with these suckers is Bitfinex, i think.


With any type of system, people who know how to build will find ways to automate it.

Exchanges that are limited (like coinbase), will not have bots.


I see.

Sadly, coinbase is not available in our country.


Why do you think this way? Well over 90% of all trades in the traditional market are done via BOT’s. If you want Bitcoin and Crypto’s to go main stream the bot trading is only going to get more prevelant. So if we want out BTC to get some of this institutional money you are going to have to learn to deal with BOTs.

I am not sure why you find it for cowards as it still trades based off of the rules that the trader puts in it just executes faster and more efficient than a human can. This goes along the lines of blockchain technologies as a whole. Just as we put our trust in Bitcoin’s system because it follows a set of math rules the bots are a way of trading with this same mentality. Things like Shapeshift would not work with out bot trading. So if you have ever used shapeshift then you are calling yourself a coward because you yourself have used a bot.


My only point is that trading is a difficult and challenging thing to do. It requires a lot of guts, skill etc. With bots, you don’t need skill whatsoever. You just let the bot do all the work.

Sorry if my term seems inappropriate but that’s just what i think. It’s like the trading platform is a battlefield and some use bots and some don’t. But that’s all fair, right?

Anyhow, i’m just talking about those trading with bots.

I don’t know Shapeshift so i haven’t used that, have you?


With bots, you don’t need skill whatsoever. You just let the bot do all the work.

Well I don’t agree with you ! If you code one you have to define a strategy ! And if you buy one, most of the time… you still have to define a strategy too !

I don’t know bots who can think by themselves and win all the times and if it exist nobody will never sell it ! (So only the developper use it, with his skills)


its about making money, not beating your chest about how gutsy you are.

if automating the process works better, power to whomever is using them


Agreed. I would like a bot on Bittrex, so I can put out a single order that gets carried out under different:

Buy at a certain level.
Sell stop at certain level.
Sell at certain level.

If Bittrex allowed me to do this, a bot wouldn’t be needed


BOT trading still takes all the same knowledge that you mentioned above to do it well. You have to watch the charts and the pairings just as you would do trading normally in order to make money. There are strategies that require less attention than others just as if you were executing them manually.

With regards to shapeshift. This is a function with in wallets like Jaxx or Exodus that allow you to change one coin for another directly in the wallet. I find it hard to believe anyone in this space has not used a similar function to this at some point. Its a very convenient way of changing coins.


What do you think of Profit Trailer?


Has anyone heard of Profit Trailer?

Found this on youtube.

Trades on binance


I am currently running Profit Trailer, with Profit Feeder on a VPS server. It makes gains, 2-5% daily depending on the market and your settings. It’s been a huge learning experience that’s for sure, lots of trial and error. I run it on ETH pairs, I would rather hodl BTC. Then use it to trade with. Highly suggest watching Crypto Crow on youtube.


Will do.Still a lot to learn.