Bluewhale ICO Thread


This airdrop is good idea. Tron did that crap too.


32k crossed


A nice mention for bluewhale in the latest cryptographer show :ok_hand:


So how do you actually get the airdrop? :saitama:


(my ref link)

All you need is your name, email and ETH address (MEW would work well) and then join their Telegram channel.


Thank you mate. :dogemoon:


thanks for the heads up guy signed up, my referral link also if anyone’s interest

if not no dramas, i’m happy with my 400!


Hahaha ok let’s share the referrall all!
Let’s see…


approaching 60k telegram memebers!:rofl::joy:


Free tokens are always awesome. Shameless spam (my referral link):


hello guys, I just got cleared the kyc for the ICO. this is my first time into any ICO, I am now wondering what to do. I also linked my ECR20 wallet. What are the next steps?


When is the sale?


in 2 days alkfalkdjaldj


Join their telegram and wait for the info?
It will have the instructions as to what to do.


All the info will be in their website when you log in. It will look like this.


for me it looks clean like this… so can I transfer ICX/ETH somewhere? or should I just wait? I am unsure of what to do next


Wait for timmer to finish and log in their website on the day. It will give u details where to send it too.


i regret not investing more in this


Yeah me too! I let this one pass me by, and now I regret it as I can’t even KYC to get into any kind of their sale. Ffs.

Going bigly on sentinel protocol on Sunday though!!

And airbloc crowdsale in a few days!


I like Sentinel, gonna be a hit