Bluewhale ICO Thread


starts today, they will do kyc super fast turnaround


That’s Bezant, not Bluewhale


i though they were talking about bezant on the bluewhale thread


He couldn’t get in Bluewhale, so he wished us good luck. Luckily he got into Bezant.
Then we explained Bluewhale was still doing public sale :slight_smile:


my brain is a motorola 6800 series


hey kevin, are u a van der veen too? like harry?


Haha no, lot’s of people are wondering though :slight_smile:


Dunno. Don’t think so. Just me. Slammed the 1500 ICX into bluewhale. I have tingling feeling this will explode. If ADA and tron can this will. Koreans token. First icx ico. Could get hype. Then dump it at 0.05cents. Even if it takes a year or so. Hodl that shit.

Price is cheap. Ppl don’t look at marketcap. Espically the nobs. They think different. They see cheap and coukd moon to 1 dollar. They end up buying tons of it.


I’m probably going to hold half and sell the other if it goes above 0.05c to increase my entry in ICX. For everyone that got in, let’s hope for good one here!


The numbee of telegram followers have doubled in a few days.


Wonder why it has double. Is their any new info out their?


their bounty program is helping them gain traction it seems.


Nice. That good to advertise it. What would be better. Airdrop 1billion tokens.


So u are selling bwx at 5 cents?


whenever it hits it. Could be a year or so. but thats my plan.


I will probably gonna hold mine till it goes ICX price, If they deliver i don’t see it taking that long to be famous.


Yes Julien that’s what I think. I feel that because the cause of bwx is a noble one, as will Lee asks us to provide him with a sword and an armour and he will fight for us( us being the little man/ freelancer). I think that a person would not conceive this idea if he doesn’t really beleive in it. And the fact that they lowered the hard cap from 55 milion sgd to 30 million sgd was encouraging.


now bluewhale has 15k telegram followers!!:1st_place_medal:


Their Telegram numbers are growing because of their airdrop. “Join telegram and get 400 BWX and 200BWX for a referral.

400 to join, 200 to refer. Not bad, I guess those early to the telegram are missing out.


I also get 400 bmx, and there is my ref link;