Bluewhale ICO Thread


@ 5 cents i think its a couple hundred k if you donated the min # of IXC

enjoy the moon. send postcard


I wont sell it for nothing less then 0.05


I didnt think tokens were released yet, mine are still in my BW dashboard


How many tokens will be issued per 1500 icx? I am having trouble finding that. I thought someone said 6 million?


Approximately 2.6million


Blue wale token was released


I transferred to my icon wallet


lmao i forgot the ICX wallet was live~ my bad


hello racolini, there are not much people who know about it in crypto space is the feeling I am getting. I hope I am wrong.


i thought it was around 6 million.


thats what gainzilla heard too, maybe thats correct… the difference using ICX and ETH was really huge in that case


Yo. If you compare supply. Tron has more. We be rich. If it gets tron marketcap


This is better then tron. Man seriously tron is hype so much. I think they watched to much tron movies.


I never saw the movie because it looked dumb, never bought the coin, same reason~


Jesus I hope it moons for you lads, but from my point of view I’d be gutted of course as I couldn’t get in!
Got into Bez though! So let’s hope that moons :blush:


Same here. Trim is dumb. Plenty of nobs out their buying it. Lol.


They haven’t finish. They got a sale in May…


Really now! What if you haven’t done KYC though?


Not sure about the KYC part. I just went into their website and see they got a main sale sometime in May.
Have a look.


You can still do KYC :slight_smile: