Bluewhale ICO Thread


Why do they tell you to NOT send the icx tokens from binance?
After u complete kyc and go to buy, you see this warning for both eth and icx

I can screenshot if needed



Also for those considering, you get a better exchange rate for icx versus eth

I think the difference is about 650k blue whale tokens more by using icx


There is quite a watered down explaination on what Blue Whale is trying to build.

What do You guys think?


Quick introduction of the some key Bluewhale team members. Pretty solid in my opinion.


Got my bluewhale tokens ready guys.


Yeah man me too. Seriously if blue whale can trade at $0.005. It will be 5x


I gave 1500 ICX. I know it will.


What was the minimum for that round (was it presale)?


5eth or 1500icx. It’s over


Gotcha, any idea when the crowdsale begins? It says May 1 and running but don’t see much more info than that.

nvm: looks like it’s not for another 3 weeks.


Yeah that’s the crowdsale


Hello harry, did you buy the bwx?


Hi, nope I ended up not, I was on holiday and didn’t have my trezor with, so I didn’t bother with it, eventhough I had gone through the kyc


You got them today? Which wallet do we need?


Any ERC20 compatible wallet. I use Metamask.


Yo sorry for late reply. Yeah it went straight into my ERC20 wallet. The day I contributed.


Have feeling this will open at 0.05 dude. Just got a feeling. Bluewhale been coming up allot in the crypto space.


Will Bluewhale stay an erc20 token? So confusing


Holy shit I hope you are right

If it opens at $0.05

It will be like 50x. Then I am gonna retire lol