Bluewhale ICO Thread


and bonuses are locked for 2019 January.


Why would you join a pool?


Just did the KYC process


78% of pre sale is done


88% now guys.

dfg dkjgofjgk


Guys I just got like 4.6 mil bwx token


I said fuck it buy it anyways took a chance sent 1500 icx


The admin at telegram said it will be on the exchange and bonus will be distributed in 3 month


I also write it here. Is it a good idea to sell your Icon to get this ICO?
You will get your tokens 2019 January.


Already did too hopefully it will be worth it in the end. :saitama:


Yesteray ICON was 2 dolar, now its 2,2. is it still 1500 ıcx = 6mil bwx?


Yup they give u 4.6 mil first within 30 min and the bonus comes in 3 month


Yep Bonus in 3 months. Not bad.


Awesome guys!
Wish I had 3k to throw at it too lol


do you think we can buy bwx token twice?

like put another 1500 icx in or 5 eth.

i mean it is just a smart contract automated process, it receives and then sends to the address you designnated


I did but used my fathers identity to buy another.


Bleh. Hahaha. Nice one


when icx moon? wanchain just moon because of their ico announcement…lol


@peter @피터 @dogelord
Any thoughts on the Bluewhale ICO? maybe a video coming soon!?!


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @dogelord display help.