BlueBerry Explosion in the Pants!



Thanks so much to @CryptoMom for the blueberry jams and more!!!

So much explosion!!!


Boy talk about Crypto Yum!!! lol :grinning:


Hope y’all enjoy it @peter and @booins! Merry Christmas! If y’all are ever down in south Mississippi during blueberry season (end of May through July 4th) y’all stop by and see us at the farm!!!


Kayla is so sweet! Awesome stuff!


Nice. Crushing those blueberries.


Thanks so much!!!
Can’t wait to try everything! :blue_heart:

Hahah he is so crazy with the explosion talk :woman_facepalming:t2:


Soo much yuummmm! I love dem blueberries :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


I finally had a chance to go back and watch the entire stream. :heart_eyes: We were at the in laws for Christmas. A friend of mine texted and said you were opening the package so we left and I jumped on the stream on my phone. There were tons of people wanting to buy jams. My internet was super slow so I couldn’t respond. I will accept crypto if you want to direct them to this post on the next stream lol.

The pear butter is awesome on toast. Pie filling is good on waffles, pancakes or cheesecake. Barn sauce is just the best shit ever for dipping anything in it. Or you can use it for a marinade. You could probably dunk a doge turd in it and it would taste good :joy:. Have y’all ever had mayhaw jelly or syrup?? Most people have no idea what it is.


Oh and I hope the kiddos are better soon!



What are the chances of shipping to Australia?! :grinning:


I will do it in today’s stream! Crypto jam!


I’ll ship to you @Anthony


Hahaha :smiley: hfdh hddf grr


Getting my blueberry act together to get everyone’s orders shipped out! Anyone else want anything??

-Blueberry jam
-Blueberry jelly
-Blueberry syrup
-Blueberry preserves (used for pie filling, cheesecake topping or with pancakes and waffles)
-Mayhaw jelly
-Mayhaw syrup
-Barn sauce (spicy / regular) aka Bam Sauce per Peter
**kind of like a blueberry bbq sauce. It’s great for marinades and dipping
-Grandon’s famous Boiled peanuts (Cajun / regular)
-Pear butter


Tweeted this.

Guys. I’ve tried all of this stuff. It’s fucking fantastic.


I may have to hire someone to start processing jams for me lol


DogeLord has become SwagLord. :stuck_out_tongue:



@Kukulubaba this is the thread


I couldn’t resist. Thank you @CryptoMom


Hope you enjoy it!!!