Bloomberg Crypto Index


Interesting news in that Bloomberg, the news service, and Michael Novogratz, the investor, have set up an index that will be quoted by Bloomberg as a part of it’s cryptocurrency coverage. The index contains only what is referred to as “liquid” cryptocurrencies. At this time the weighting in the index is:

The BGCI contains the following ten cryptocurrencies at inception:

Current Cryptocurrency ​​Weightings
Bitcoin ​​__________30.00%
Ethereum​​​ _______ 30.00%
Ripple __________ 14.14%
Bitcoin Cash _____ 10.65%
EOS ____________ 6.11%
Litecoin __________ 3.77%
Dash ____________ 1.67%
Monero __________ 1.66%
Ethereum Classic __ 1.00%
Zcash ___________ 1.00%

Yes EOS, my nemesis, is there.

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