Blockchain Careers & Opportunities in Hong Kong



Hey all,

To quickly introduce, I specialize in IT recruitment with a large focus in blockchain & emerging technologies in Hong Kong. The Blockchain industry in Hong Kong has grown exponentially in the past 12-18 months, especially with many Chinese companies relocating to Hong Kong since the crypto-ban.

I partner with some of the leading crypto-exchanges, top 100 CMC cryptos, ICOs, multi-million VCs to blockchain advisories to help connect them connect with the brightest technologists globally. If you are keen to pursue or explore a blockchain career in Hong Kong then I’m very interested interested in getting in touch with you.

I’m keen to connect with anyone interested in pursuing a blockchain opportunity in Hong Kong but most interested in connecting with someone that’s…

  • IT professionals with a strong technical background (full-stack dev/programmer/quant)
  • Hacker mentality. Preferably with contributions to Github / Bitbucket or other open source development repositories
  • Participated in various Hackathons or coding challenges
  • Prior experience working for a Blockchain company is not necessary. 80% hires are not from blockchain backgrounds
  • Genuinely passionate about blockchain technologies and keen on making a real impact

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