Blockchain and Burritos (Bend, OR)


Here is our outing, I only got a couple pictures towards the end so I will have to do better next time.

Here is the Front!

[ I can only do one image at a time so I will break it up ]

It was fun meeting up and talking about some mining, we will rotate the focus of the conversation based on each meeting.



Other Signs:

I can only do 3 replies to this topic for now. So, the pictures… I will see if I can get them hosted somewhere.

Here is a facebook post to house the pictures! (


Hello everybody. I just stumbled on this website and its exactly what I’ve been looking for. I have been trading cryptocurrency for a while, and I have decided to build a mining rig. But alas! I am not a programmer. I could really use some help getting set up. Anyone want to help me out? I live in Bend, near downtown.


I’d really be interested in attending the next gathering or talking with other traders/miners. Please let me know if you’d like to get together sometime.


I should be scheduling two events in Bend in the near future. I’ll be sure to invite you.


I really appreciate that. Is it a pretty large group that normally turns
out? are they mostly traders or miners?


We have about 5-10 people. About half mine and a few of us trade. We also have people who are just interested in learning or keeping up with trends. The meetings are typically informal at this point so you will likely get what you want out of it.


That sounds great. Where can I check for the meeting times without having to waste all your time lol?


I’ll work on getting them scheduled. If you have suggestions for times / dates, I am open. Typically, Blockchain and Burritos is on a Thursday at Lunch. Bend Bitcoin Pub event will be on a weekend after 5PM. I’m trying to ensure people can make it to at least one event.


I work an on-call job so I can make any time work.


Hi @smitty, are you still looking to have meetups in Bend? I live in the area and would love to connect with others who are interested in blockchain tech & cryptocurrencies.


@cryptostreet, heck yes we are still doing meet ups. I am shooting for two a month but haven’t been super consistent with my scheduling (totally my fault). We do the pub event after work and a lunch event (Blockchain and Burritos). Anyone is welcome to attend, ask questions or give a talk.