Blockchain and Burritos (Bend, OR)


This session will cover mining by two people who have been profitably mining for sometime now.


Frequency: Monthly

Please let me know if you plan on attending and I will add you to the reservations.

Feel free to contact me with topics you would like to discuss or learn more about.

*This meeting is only posted on the We are a small group of cryptocurrency enthusiast’s who meet to stay informed in this space and enjoy quality Mexican food. All experience levels are welcome to attend and/or contribute.

Bend Blockchain and Burritos (Bend, OR) January 2018

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33 PM


Updated! Thank you kindly @john!



We had a small meeting today (4 people). One person got a few questions answered and is going to take the crypto plunge and get some bitcoin. A little mining was discussed but not too in-depth. So here’s the big question:

What do you all want to talk about in two weeks?

  1. Mining
  2. Back to the basics (what’s a blockchain / cryptocurrency, wallet, exchange, token, etc)
  3. Evaluating projects (researching before investing)
  4. Other (suggest topic)

Respond with your preference if you plan on attending and I will setup the itinerary / speakers for the next meeting.


This is so cool!! Any pics?!?


No, admittedly I am lame. I can see about doing that moving forward though.

Basically, I started this just a little before the pub went live. I have been trying to do my part to evangelize cryptocurrencies for a while now. The good news is I have finally drummed up enough interest to get regular meetings set. Next step is to get more people to attend and participate (then we can direct everyone back to


I’d love to convert it to a Pub. Not that we want to take it over. We just want to outfit you guys with swag and stuff!


Well, Bend does have a metric ton of micro-breweries and the restaurant does have the cantina… :thinking:

Let me chat with some people and see what works best for them. If not then maybe I will just setup a happy hour meeting some night. This may have the advantage of drawings a different crowd altogether.


Quick update, it looks like we will be setting up a Bitcoin Pub in the near future. I am coordinating to determine the best day. My farm is about an hour away from work so it will take a day or two for me to hash out the details. We will likely attempt to make this a monthly thing. Blockchain and Burritos will get down graded to a once a month deal during a standard lunch hour to maximize availability.


Is there another event coming up this month?



We can definitely get something scheduled and on the books. Work has been a little crazy lately leaving little time for taking care of other obligations. That said, I was still planning on trying to organize two events per month. One lunch and one evening. I’ll keep you posted and try to get things scheduled tomorrow.


Post updated for Lunch next week. I will be adding a Bend Bitcoin Pub event shortly for the Monday after the holiday.

If you have any topics you would like to discuss or present, please let me know and I will do my best to facilitate.

Bend Bitcoin Pub event: Bend Bitcoin Pub Launches


Hi Smitty-

New to bitcoin and want to learn more / start mining.
Did this meet happen on 11/10 or is it 11/17?
Can’t imagine its running all week?



Hello @WileECoyote! I updated the event date. We will be meeting on Thursday this time around as I have another lunch and learn on Friday. The group had two die hard miners and some more people looking to get started. I certainly hope you will be able to join us. I am looking forward to getting more people involved in our meetings and maybe even trying to pull in some guest speakers from around the area.


Just read this thread just now. Seems like a pretty rad idea. Good luck to you all!


Thanks! We will be doing Bitcoin Pub events monthly as well. If you are ever in the area, let’s meet up.


Way cool! Good news, we have at least two people in our groups who actively mine. I’m not 100% sure on LiteCoin but with Bitcoin, you probably need an ASIC miner to see real profits these days. Most of the people I know who are mining, are currently on Ethereum, Monaro, or ZCash with GPU. They then trade their earnings for Bitcoin.

Sorry for the delayed response, I have been recovering from a self-inflicted minor head injury on the 3rd (t-posts for snow fence + lage rocks + excessive use of physical force = light concussion).


I heard in Texas is good but I think they are only hosting systems they build (easier to manage rack space, cooling and power that way). The good part from what they are doing is you own the hardware.

The folks who have been coming to these events are local in Bend. I sent one of them the link to this conversation and asked them to touch base with you. I am certain if you come to one of our events, they would be happy to try to answer any questions you might have.

Anther option might be to rent rack space in a Co-location. This is a typical pre-Amazon Cloud business option. I don’t know what typical rates are but I can guarantee that Bend has at least one (probably though Bend Broadband). The problem then is putting everything in a server rack and making enough to pay for the rack space (overhead). I would imagine most hobby farmers are currently heating a (possibly friends) garage with the systems. :smile:

I have plenty of room in my shop to setup systems but electric is expensive where I live (Crooked River National Grasslands) and getting internet out to my shop would necessitate purchasing additional hardware and/or another WISP connection for adequate bandwidth.


@GhostZyphor1, we are meeting for lunch tomorrow (Friday, December 15th) specifically to have an informal conversations about Mining. You are more than welcome to join us. I will be updating the main post in just a moment to reflect the meeting.


Hello! I have a small group attending the next event. I will try to get us some pictures, we should have a few miners there. Excited to see everyone!!