BitTorrent inventor announces eco-friendly bitcoin competitor Chia




BitTorrent founder Bram Cohen announces Chia Network: a new company that will establish cryptocurrency Chia; will rely on proofs of time and storage rather than the proof-of-work method Bitcoin uses; a single Bitcoin transaction uses enough electricity to power a home for one week; electricity requirements also limit mining opportunities.


I remember seeing this a month ago and thought it was strange a bigger deal wasn’t made b/c of Bram Cohen.


Just based on who he is and a tiny TC pump this might be a worthy coin to consider for the pump


Signed up to their announcements group, might throw some g’s at it for ICO pump fun


Yeah. One would be wise to at least dip their feet with Bram.


To follow up on this, the FAQ for Chia is super, super interesting. They apply similar concepts from Filecoin.


chia private investment opportunity has been setup on galaxy investment telegram channel please start whitelisting/kyc if you are interested in investing