BitGrail refusing XRB withdrawals?


A large number of BitGrail users, myself included, have made repeated attempts to withdraw XRB. Without notice, BitGrail changed their Terms & Conditions which now require user verification prior to withdrawals. Ironically, user verification is not required prior to making a deposit. On 02/08/2018, BitGrail announced via Twitter that XRB Markets are currently unavailable. No further explanation has been provided.

I submitted the required documents on January 31st, but have yet to be approved. Many disgruntled BitGrail that were verified prior to the new Terms & Conditions have posted on Twitter that their withdrawals have been in processing status for 8+ days!

Anyone else in the PUB having a similar problem with BitGrail?


That problem is couse by hacking but what is most important and showing the power and huge positive aspect of Cryptocurrency is this


I wish you luck but atm it seems like the hack has taken from everyone and anyone holding xrb has lost it all. I hope this guy has some dignity and figures it out for all who invested


Did you take everything else off Bitgrail? I would send any holdings to a hardware wallet or another exchange. That whole thing is going to collapse.


XRB is the only thing I bought through BitGrail. I never transferred it to a hardware wallet because I actually wanted to move it over to Binance at sell it. Live and learn… very expensive lesson though! Hopefully it will keep someone else from making the same mistake!