Bitgrail Hacked! - 17M Nano (XRB) Lost - Raiblocks



That is still a good amount of coinage to be taken out.


I had xrb there before they had a wallet. Kind of forgot to check for a release. When I tried to withdraw, it was too late. I’m having a similar problem now with Iota - all stuck on an exchange because their wallet doesn’t work for me. I don’t know why it is taking them so long to get a decent wallet together. ><


Yes it seems like that to me as well. But 17m xrb short?! It’s a small exchange ran by a single guy, that’s a lot of money to be ‘playing’ with. Maybe he thought he could make some money trading xrb and when the price went up he couldn’t afford to buy it back.


Or maybe he was using investors money to trade bitconnect :sweat_smile:


decentralized exchanges can’t get here fast enough


Covering the beatconnect losses bahaha


Thanks Bitgrail…24 hours later smh. Good thing I stopped using the exchange.

Anyone have any thoughts or reasons to think Binance might ever have an issue?

I keep trading float on there, thinking I should rethink that now.


I still have some VEN and ETC on Binance that I need to transfer to the nano. Will do that Maniana


I’ve set-up my Nano web-wallet just now. It has 2FA etc. looks pretty good. Binance has a 0.01 XRB fee for transfers. Withdrawal confirms in under 5mins.


If what this guy on twitter is saying is true, this is amateur coding on a scale level never seen before. At least on a project of this size and nature… Checks/Balances only on client side LOL


I feel your pain… got me too!:sob:


Not to my understanding.


Me too. Did you lose a lot? There is a private disqus thread for victims.


198 XRB that I purchased at $2. Not a lot by most people’s standards, but a good bit for me. It was enough to cover the down payment of an oil change in my future Lambo! lol


Yeah I only lost 102 but I bought for more than that. Regardless, they were worth over $10 each last time I looked so you lost about 2k. Plus, if they go up. I can’t bring myself to buy anymore after that :-/ Some horror stories in the forum though of people with thousands of them on the exchange.


I had 25% of my portfolio in Nano. Sadly it was to late to withdraw when i wanted to :cry:

I’m going to preorder a ledger nano S and keep the rest of my funds on pc and in metamask for now.

I really hope they find out where the money went. (i mean they found all the crypto hodlings of several deepweb marketplace owners, so why not this)


Anything new in this topic ? Should I consider my bit grail coins as good as gone ?


Consider it gone. Good chance we will get back 20% though. I have heard talk about the exchange reopening with a new token valued at 10 dollars which will use 50% of exchange profits in order to pay back losses. (Not too convinced about them pulling this off though)


I had very little hope until I saw how Binance handled the “trading bot” issue… now I have no hope at all! The Bomber fails to keep the community updated and the hack is basically forgotten unless you had money in BitGrail. Nano is higher now than before the hack so they obviously have no worries. Approximately 100,000 victims and $170M stolen and not a single statement from the authorities!!!


that is fucking frustrating. We seem so hopeless. more than 100k people got locked up in this shit but no shit is happening. like wtf?