Bitcoin XBT vs Bitcoin? (Sweden)


Hi bros. I did a quick search and didnt see an answer to this particular question.
I am in sweden and have almost 1000 shares of Bitcoin XBT in swedish kronor. I did a conversion and if I sold it all then I could buy about 5 bitcoins at the current price after exchange fees and early withdrawal fees for taking the money from my investeringsparkonto (retirement savings account).
This account charges a 2.5% management fee per year charged at 1/365th of 2.5% daily.
Should I leave it in there and start buying future bitcoin through gdax?
What would you guys recommend and why?
I put 10000 swedish kronor every month into my XBT so from this point forward how should I invest that? BTC/LTC 50/50 split? 10% into the top 10 cryptos?
I am mostly a long term investor but I have been known to speculate a time or two as well.

Forgot to mention my state pension and pension through my union/job are not included here. Those are mostly index funds etc.


Nobody? Maybe move this to the swedish section if anybody is on. Thanks.


Im not advisor but I myself would preffer having the actual BTC I dont like giving up my money to banks to profit of all while screwing me with fees


thanks for the opinion. :slight_smile:


Moved you to the country specific.

Glad you’re here my friend! I would buy BTC. Having banks take care of it for you probably not a good idea.

Having some diversification is good too!

Part of the ethos of bitcoin is to be personally responsible for your own money! Keep it safe. Keep it to yourself! :rocket:


Thank you brother! I can do 5 bitcoins or maybe 4 and a bunch of litecoin. Decisions


Forgot to ask about wallets. Hardware is a must? Which one please? If anyone can advise me I would be grateful.


Absolutely not!!! Jag antar att du pratar svenska. Jag Àger bÄde XBT och bitcoins. Jag ska förklara hur jag ser pÄ det.

  1. Om du gör vinst pÄ vanliga bitcoins sÄ mÄste du betala vinstkatt. Det motsvarar ca 30%. SÄ den kommission du betalar pÄ 2,5% tilsammans med den schablonskatt som du betalar i en ISK motsvarar bara en fraktion av vad du hade fÄtt betala om du gjort samma vinst genom försÀljning av bitcoins. Nackdelen Àr att om du förlorar pengar sÄ kan du inte dra av förlust i en ISK, det kan du göra om du sÀljer bitcoins. Du kan förstÄs inte heller köpa saker med bitcoins, men vem gör det?

  2. Anledningen till att jag inledde det hela med “Absolutely not!!!” Ă€r att det vore helt idiotiskt att sĂ€lja det nu. Som du vet sĂ„ skedde en forking av bitcoins 1 augusti, och varje bitcoinĂ€gare fick dĂ„ 1 bitcoin cash. Som du kanske har mĂ€rkt sĂ„ har detta inte delats ut till dom som Ă€ger trackern. Jag har mejlat XBT och frĂ„gat och de kommer ha en 3 mĂ„naders vĂ€nteperiod innan dom bestĂ€mt sig för hur dom ska föra in pengarna tillbaka i fonden. Jag Ă€r ytterst skeptisk och kommer vaka över detta som en hök sĂ„ att dom inte drar med pengarna. SĂ„ om du ska sĂ€lja trackern pĂ„ ISK och köpa bitcoins sĂ„ vĂ€nte Ă„tminstone tre mĂ„nader. Kom i hĂ„g att dom sitter med massa pengar som Ă€r dina och som du inte har fĂ„tt Ă€n.

Aug 2nd release:

July 29 release:


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I did not realize we had to pay capital gains tax in sweden. How would they find out about my win or loss from bitcoin? Just for my info please. I was not aware of the possible payout in 3 months so tyvm for that information. I have cash in gdax soon so litecoin sounds good. Im still worried about the 30%.

Not that anyone cares but I wrote in English just in case anyone wanted to read without the need to translate.

Thanks a lot bro!


Check out the tread “Sweden Cryptonation”, there you can find links to skatteverket were they explain how it is taxed. There is also al lot of information on flashback.

They will probably not find out/care if it is small sums, but if you transfer a lot of money from an exchange abroad they are going to wanna know where the money came from.


That makes sense. In any case I for sure dont want to miss any potential gains from the fork by liquidating my account right now. I did send a little to coinbase but probably not enough to incur their wrath.
Thank you for the tip on the thread.


Following detailed discussions during the “observation period” with various settlement and clearing third-party service providers and key structured products advisors, the Board of the Issuer has concluded that the most appropriate action to take to give effect to the aforementioned policy position is to implement a cash distribution plan for those investors holding the Issuer’s Certificates at the opening of trading on August 1st.



"As was also confirmed in the Press Release of 17th October, 2017, the Issuer has determined to implement a cash distribution plan in respect of the result of this fork. During the three-month ‘observation period’, the Issuer sold 44,471 ‘Bitcoin Cash’ coins, for a USD value of $14,587,291. These proceeds, less the costs of implementing and administering the distribution plan, will be available for remittance for the benefit of the holders of its bitcoin-referenced Certificates at the opening of trading on August 1st.

Individuals and / or nominees will be required to provide additional identification / ‘know your customer’ information in order to be able to receive a distribution.

The Issuer has been developing a portal through which eligible Certificate holders may apply for a distribution, which is currently anticipated to be available for use by Monday, 20 November, 2017. The Issuer will provide further details in connection with the use of this portal before this date."


Wish i could help. Dont know much about Swedish Kroner or how you guys work.


No problem. I was just updating. Looks like they are finally going to credit us with the BCH money. To be honest I did not expect it so it’s a nice surprise.


Yes, but lets see how much each of us gets. I donÂŽt think is going to be nearly as much, as if we had bought real bitcoins instead of the tracker.

I want to sell the tracker and buy real bitcoins asap, but I also want my share of bitcoin gold and that’s going to take a couple of months. Curious if they pay the holder money retroactively even if he/she sells the tracker now?


I never expected to get anything at all after our last conversation but I hope they come through with something. In the mean time I did cash out the majority of mine and reinvested into BTC. They also stated as you probably already know that they will take each fork on a case by case basis. So who knows what they will decide to do and how long it will take. I do hope it works out for us. Im tired of waiting.


XBT provider where supposed to come with information about the payment portal today. I cant find anything about it. Do you know anything?


This portal will remain accessible for 3 months, closing at midnight (GMT) on February 19th, 2018. All claims must therefore be submitted before February 20th, 2018.

It is intended that distributions in respect of all approved applications will be made on or before March 20th, 2018.