Bitcoin technical analysis trading strategies


First Bitcoin Technical Analysis video for a while!! Hope you’re all doing well through thus market cycle and learning a lot while the market doesn’t move too much. Bitcoin is hitting it’s big horizontal resistance, $ETH making double top, but shorts plummet while long rise; sentiment is turning bullish, i still go short and make profit ^.^

Enjoy Pub bros :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


New BTC - Bitcoin Technical Analysis where i go over a very nice trend line setup + XLM and BAT setup with Coinbase listings coming soon! Looking forward to the coming week of trading! :moneybag:


I really would not recommend Etoro. Maybe to start with but then enrol on a different exchange.


Why? Care to explain? We’d love to know (so we can do better!)


Let’s start with, not owning your crypto with etoro.

eToro has been one of the first CFD brokers to jump on the crypto trading trend and started to cover cryptos with CFDs.

At eToro you can go long and short in cryptos.

When you go long in any crypto listed below, you will own the real coin, however, this cannot be transferred to a wallet yet.


  • UK citizens going long in a cryptocurrency without a leverage will not be covered by any investor protection. If they go long with a leveraged position or go short in cryptos, they will be covered by FSCS.
  • Non-UK citizens are not protected by any compensation fund while trading with cryptocurrencies.



Looking at their charges and their buy and sell rates… typically they had a 3 percent spread between buy and sell. Looking at an actual exchange instead of paying 3 percent spread I was only paying 0.2% swing trading became significantly easier.

I would generally say if you want to have a very small dabble to get the hang of trading and are happy with a wide spread … try Etoro… it made swing trading on real exchange much easier… for me. This is how I started crypto … I thought their financial take was nuts and I looked for an alternative. I then started to research and

I found the Pub!!! Awesome.

I made my first btc purchase on Christmas eve with my profits from xrp… it took 9 hours to go through. I thought till I heard a Ching on xodus that I had done something wrong… nice Christmas present …

So as a starter to see how it works with a small investment may be a good thing to try. However, once you are ok with wallets and sending coins around and getting it right use a proper exchange such as binance or the like.