Bitcoin Regret! Don't be like this guy!


Bitcoin Regret!!! Don’t be like this guy!! Buy the dip!! HODL!!!




I’m not kidding when I say this…but I don’t think I could handle that. :persevere:

I often see these types of posts about people selling early, or news articles about people losing their old computers that were loaded with bitcoin. I’m okay with making mistakes (I make more than most), however a mistake or oversight of that magnitude? Man, it would absolutely crush me. :pensive:

Props to these people who overcome such big setbacks, and manage to keep moving forward. It’s horrible and sad, but also motivating. :muscle:


I’m almost glad I didn’t buy Bitcoin at that time. I would probably have failed to realize its potential and sold way too early, leading to massive regret. Better to have never had, than to have had and thrown it away. At least now I understand the value of Bitcoin.


This is my plan to sell 1/4-1/3 when it hits high and HODL the rest. Dips low buy more. Skyrockets again sell 1/4-1/3 again rinse and repeat. Always keeping my foot in the game while enjoying the rewards and limiting risk.