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It seems my SSD that has windows on it has died. I can’t get the computer to recognize it and it keeps booting to bios


That Z9 seems like a great deal at a very fair price. Even its worthless in a couple of years it’s still worth it. ROI is about 50 days. Not bad at all.


What will happen to the equihash values once all the gpu miners leave for another algo??


What are the consequences?


@8of10 5 in a row :smiley:


Lets say , Bitmain starts to produce those miners like potato chips , that would lead to the result that GPU mining is not profitable (Like for example when BTC went from GPU to FPGA to ASIC) witch would only leave the option to buy a miner from Bitmain. Im not completely against ASIC`s but im against the fact that there is only one company out there. Thats like saying all the federal Banks of the world will be dissolved and there is only one Federal Bank that prints money for all the countries in the world. Also lets be honest , if ASIC would be the only way to mine i highly dought there would be so many miners around the world and here in the Pub .
Not every body has 2000 -3000 $ up front to invest at one time. Also in the beginning when i started more than 1 year back i was thinking of buying a ASIC miner , but fact is you can only buy a miner when other people dont want them ,or you have to look 24/7 when they will be available.Every one can buy GPUs but not everyone can buy a ASIC ,du to Import regulations/Tax and so on .
And so many people are supporting them , a company that is set on destroying all competition, with one of the worst customer service , how many people have lost money trying to buy a miner from them ? . If there would be more companies out there that produce them , or at least have a service center /shop on every continent that people would have easier access to the market .


lets see if i can break my old record , i think it was like 7-8 in a row :joy::champagne:


looks like in 3-4 days i can celebrate my 200 th btcp :champagne::champagne::joy::hulksmash:


I keep a backup with this freeware:

It is a matter of minute to get a system back.

There is windows freeware as well:


I wonder why Nvidia/AMD don’t start a mining business. Why do they still prefer to earn money by selling the money printing cards?


i think , nvidia and amd don’t truly believe in Crypto , for them its a phase thing . and if they would do something like that , then it definitely would be a seperate company.


I’m actually curious how my BTCP wallet is handled. I had it placed on my second hard drive. So I’m hoping that once I replace the main hard drive everything will still be there. I’m not sure if information was stored on the main hard drive’s registry.


You just need to install the wallet in the new OS and copy and paste the old wallet file into this location: %APPDATA%\BTCPrivate\wallet.dat

You are supposed to backup this file offline, too.


I’m not sure if I will be able to get to the APPDATA folder. That is on the main hard drive that went out on me. I’m going to get an external shell and try and plug it in and get it working that way just to retrieve the stuff on it but I don’t know if that is going to work.


Do you have an OS backup after the BTCP installation? The wallet.bat file is the same file with the same private key in this OS backup, if you have a backup.


Do you remember setting up the Windows backup to an external or second hard disk?


No. I don’t believe I backed anything up between installing the wallet and now. I’ll try the external enclosure but it is what it is. Live and learn.


It is most likely that all you files are still there.

‘Windows stops to boot due to one corrupt file’ is a feature by design…



I’m very jealous… 200 coins!


You did write down your seed word phrase, right? As long as you did, you have no reason to worry about your BTCP wallet.

As far as backups, I have a very easy to setup (yet pretty robust) backup system…

I have an SSD drive that is divided into two volumes. The first volume is my Windows startup volume. The second volume is where I install applications that I want to run at SSD speeds.

I have an old fashioned hard drive. This drive is where I install all programs that don’t need to run fast, and also where I store movies, pictures, documents, etc.

I have one last drive. A large, old school mechanical hard drive. I use Acronis Drive Image to make nightly backups of my other two drives to this drive. I also used Acronis to make a startup USB key and DVD. If my Windows drive fails, it is easy to use either the USB or DVD to startup into Acronis and restore any of my drives.

I have it set to make incremental backups, so I can even go back in time and restore from a backup made six months ago, if I’d like. Or grab an old file that I deleted a couple weeks back.

It took me 10 minutes total to buy Acronis, download it, install it, and start it backing up all my stuff.

Having a backup that is never older than 24 hours is just soooo nice. I never have to worry about data loss (unless my house burns down).

Cheap, easy, reliable. Just like me. :slight_smile:

Edit: Also, if you’re really having trouble getting your wallet restored, send your drive to Drive Savers. They work miracles.


There is competition I believe. There are now more asic producers than viable graphic card producers.

Halong, Baikal, Obelisk, Innosilicon and more.

Bitmain beat everyone to the punch, but they are not the only show in town anymore.

I am sure equihash Baikals are on the way.

In no way am I arguing one over the other, just saying that bitmain is not the only option.