Bitcoin Private - Pub Mining Pool


Constantly upgrading, so jelly


Now that @8of10 is gone, we can hit a new record :joy:


i was thinking the same thing , but dont worry you can put away your secret wepon , Im Back :joy:


We need to get ready to mine BTCA. It’s the fork of the future…


Why? F g jfdhfhfhddthfh


I’ll be on-n-off a lot today, too. Going to switch my cards over from max efficiency to max hash rate since the difficulty on BTCP has gone up again. Electricity is cheap here, so no reason not to go for max hash.


If anyone is wondering what happened to the aws guy:


He’s still jumping in and out of our pool. He just isn’t making as much. He is probably doing it to other pools to. I don’t know if those other pools have things implemented like we do to reduce his earnings though.


My hash rate is going to drop for a while. :frowning:

When I switched pools for a day, I ended up leaving 0.04 BTCP there, and their minimum payout is 0.05. :confused:

Unfortunately, that pool’s hash rate has dropped to about 30k sols/s, so it’ll probably be a while before they find another block, especially when you consider how often the pool is down. I’m just going to put one 1080 on that pool, so I’ll still have 3 1080’s and one 980 going here.

Lesson learned: stay here! Don’t go off pool hopping. :smiley:


Things are going to be changing around here.

bitmain is going to release an equihash miner in late june for only $2000 and they say it produces

  • Hashrate: 10k Sol/s ± 5%
  • Power consumption: 300W


Well that is going to make things very interesting.


I had read that they will change algos to remain asic resistant. But this requires some investigation for sure.


@ImaginaryPi when will you be doing your next live stream ?


BTCP just hit Hitbtc


20%+ surge in price. nice :bitrocket:


I’m going live tonight. Probably around 8pm EST


The BTCP Dev team is asking the community over on reddit what we all want to do regarding the Bitmain Equihash ASIC that will be shipping the end of June.

Please take the time to drop by and voice your opinion.

I have a feeling that they’ll end up switching to another ASIC resistant mining algorithm.


Link to your stream?


Thanks for the info , just left my 2 cents there . Bitmain is really getting on my nerves , and people who buy from them just don’t get it, it shows how much people will do anything to make money and don’t care about the consequences .