Bitcoin Private - Pub Mining Pool


Anyone sell off any BTCP they’ve mined in the BitcoinPub mining pool yet? I could use the money but my gut feeling tells me to HODL until it gets listed on another exchange. Paid: 5.7755528 BTCP since mining in the Pub. I ain’t bitching.

When I say I need the money, I know very soon I need to build something to vent these miners outside the house. It’s a brisk 40 degrees out and it’s 72 degrees in my living room with all the windows opened. Anyone up for a new thread to discuss mining temperature regulation?


I sold some on NANEX at around $32. I figured I couldn’t go wrong flipping it for nano then BTC. I will be hodling for a while with the rest


I’m going to HODL. I was also tempted to sell on Nanex for Nano, but have decided to gamble by HODLing until it reaches some big exchanges.


I will be HODLing also :neutral_face:


I sold a tiny amount to get something paid, but I plan to try and build a stockpile and HODL


Wow, 2 in a row for b1Qz2PX14S4yBV2P8A5GzWDmLX99JFaNkju.noname with only 2.8 KSols/s. Nice one :smiley:


I changed over to DSTM for about 15 minutes, but couldn’t handle watching it steal my shares (the little * instead of + ). Four of them in the short space of time.
If anything it was slightly lower on the HashiT graph than the EBWF results either side. And that’s not taking into account that some shares will go elsewhere.

I know that’s not a fair test but I checked the hash rates and they were pretty much the same.


b1Qz2PX14S4yBV2P8A5GzWDmLX99JFaNkju.noname another one :scream:


Wait so there is a meaning to the * and the + on the shares part of smos console?


You will need to consult the “readme” for the particular miner smos is using.


Yeah, wow… that guy has some insane luck.


Should I use single GPU or multi GPU port in my batch file? I have 2x 1070, 1x 1070Ti and 1x 1080.


Multi port for you if they are all on 1 computer


Wish i had that much Luck ))


Your system seems to be running very well


3 in a row. Wish come true :smiley:


In my dstm diolog box i dont get any * only + and when i run ebwf my average rate is about 160 Sol/s and when i run dstm its around 180 Sol/s, strange that


Do you use AIO or just run them normal?


The hacker returned


He gets nothing. Don’t worry