Bitcoin Private - Pub Mining Pool


LoL, I’ve been hanging out on reddit too long. The average user there thinks the DVD tray is a drink holder. So you always have to spell things out the first time to avoid having to go back and forth a bunch. My apologies for assuming.

Nice system! Rigid tubing, even… dang.

Yeah, there’s a fine point in balancing sols/s vs sols/watt, and it’s right around the settings I listed. If I was on water, I’d definitely crank out a few more sols/s. Electricity here is cheap, but I don’t want to run my cards any hotter than they already are… I’d need water to crank out any more speed.

The last two releases of EVGA Precision X were so buggy that EVGA took them down. I switched over to Afterburner and have been very happy with it. Lots more options, and it’s rock solid.

Man, that’s a nice system… did I already say that? :smiley: Love the color of the coolant.


You can use dstm in AIOminer, i seem to get an extra 20 Sol/s using dstm over ewbf


I find that Bminer gives the best hashrates


Anyone here have any experience with the EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti FTW ULTRA SILENT models? All my 1070 TI’s are founder’s edition. These are a bit can be had for 585 shipped from Amazon vs the Founders which I can get on eBay fr the same ballpark figure


Yeah, that’s one cool thing about AIOminer is all the different miners it supports. Even though EWBF miner is old and not updated anymore, I still like the user interface the best, and it seems to support a higher over clock before starting to throw bad results than the others.


Think that’s the only one I haven’t tried yet… think i’ll give it a spin! :slight_smile:


I’m having a hard time getting Bminer going… any chance you could paste your batch file? I’m sure I’m doing some small thing wrong. Or possibly a big thing.


currently I have been using it through Awesome miner, I can create one for you though give me a few :slight_smile:


currently gonna let it run for a few to make sure it works, whats the easiest way to share this here bat file?


here is what the bat file consists of, you will need to put in your own btcp address and rig name:

@echo OFF
SET ADDRESS=b1MA557uGfhz7pee9bjqUPTaiznKmpHqj2F
SET SCHEME=stratum
START “Bminer: When Crypto-mining Made Fast” bminer.exe -uri %SCHEME%://%USERNAME%@%POOL% -api


put that into a notepad file and then rename the file to end in .bat instead of .txt

if you have any issues let me know I can make sure you get it working


Much appreciated… Yeah, I must’ve had one small thing wrong in my .bat file…


Hmmm… I have been using AIOminer. I’ll have to give Awesome miner a try. Man, I must have like 12 different miners on my confuser.

I’m pretty sure I have Awesome miner downloaded, but never even used it.


TBH the dev fees were driving me crazy in most miners. I ended up using Zec.miner.0.3.4b with the batch file “miner --server --user b1RGZyD9TJVLkwYCfCNqWsBuU4aPu5eUKP5.munternet_1080 --pass x --port 3041 --color --fee 0.1”. This doesn’t show any fee in the results.
I don’t mind paying a fair dev fee but I started watching them and they always seemed to take the lions share, up to about 10% on one version I tried. By the time I pay electric and pay for the hardware they have made more than me.
I believe that if a good miner had a fair fee structure if would fast become the most popular and as a result the dev would make the most money.


I don’t mind paying a fair dev or pool fee, but that’s just nuts!

I’ve been using EBWF and DSTM primarily, and i never have seen EBWF show a dev share. AIOMiner sets the dev fee to zero in EBWF miner, but I think in so doing it slows the hash rate, although the hash rates shown don’t change with dev fee enabled or not.

I have noticed that with EBWF I don’t find as many blocks as I should, though. It’s really hard to say until one miner has been used over several months. With EBWF I’ve found four blocks since I started, and I really should have found six. But two months really isn’t long enough to say for sure.


I’m using DSTM on SMOS, it definitely has a higher hashrate than EBWF. I recommend you give SMOS a go. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and would never go back to Windows.


Yeah, I really need to try SMOS.

My mining cards are spread out across three machines right now… my main/gaming rig, my son’s gaming rig, and an ancient motherboard running an AMD Athlon 64 x2 CPU.

Now that I finally have the riser cards and the power supplies, I’m going to consolidate most everything into the AMD box, and of course leave one 1080 in my main rig and my son’s rig.

My concern with SMOS is that it won’t support the wifi card I have in the old AMD box. I don’t have ethernet available in that room. It needs to stay in that room for cooling purposes, too.

I have a spare AMD board that I can build up with four more cards, as well. Electricity is so cheap where I’m at ($0.06 per KWh) that I’m thinking of snapping up some very electrically inefficient (and cheap) used GTX 980 Ti’s. You know that those cards on the used market were only used for gaming since they are horribly inefficient to mine with, but would be very suitable for my purposes. :slight_smile: And they’re cheap… like me. :wink: Even just the straight 980’s throw down 330 sols/s… but they dim the house lights when you run 'em.

My one GTX 980 draws the same wattage as my 1080’s do.


The $2 eth/month per rig put me off smos, that’s why I went for nvoc.
I still use claymore’s for my rx 580 eth rig though because I get 31.5MHs/s average on all 6 gpus.


Have you guys noticed that blocks usually come in sets of three, found within a few hours of each other?

It’s time to start a new set…


I did not notice that. I am ready for the next three though :smiley: